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Olivier Rousteing’s Plastic Surgery Journey: Revealing His Pre-Accident Transformation

Olivier Rousteing has never looked the same after he was injured in a fireplace explosion, which sparked rumors about plastic surgery. His face and torso were severely damaged, leaving him with significant burn scars. Olivier Rousteing is said to have had surgery to repair his face following that. He is also said to have had buccal fat removed and his lips injected. Except for Botox, he has never acknowledged undergoing plastic surgery.

Olivier Rousteing’s life has never been the same after he was engaged in a horrific fireplace explosion. At least, that’s how people see his face. They believe his face has altered after the horrific tragedy and that he may have had plastic surgery to correct it. After all, the burns had left him seriously injured and damaged, and he confessed to being obsessed with perfection and having concerns about his appearance. Also, suspicions that he had something done to his face existed before to the tragedy. People assumed he had buccal fat reduction since he seemed to be growing more and more chiseled. He was also accused of injecting his lips. Let us talk about Olivier Rousteing’s plastic surgery!

Olivier Rousteing’s Plastic Surgery: What Happened to His Burned Face?

Followers of Olivier Rousteing (@olivier_rousteing) have noticed that his face appears much different than it did before, and they assume that this is due to plastic surgery. He is said to have had buccal fat removed and fillers placed into his lips. He has only ever acknowledged getting Botox. Balmain’s creative director kept the fireplace explosion he was engaged in a secret for a long time while he recovered quietly from burns on his face and body. As previously said, he was severely scarred, and he was acutely aware of this, therefore he concealed himself not just from the public, but also from his colleagues and friends. He said he was embarrassed by his anxieties and fixation with perfection. Plastic surgery is highly possible for such individuals to get their ideal appearance, and admirers assume he may have done so to correct his face.

Olivier Rousteing

Olivier Rousteing struggled in the aftermath of his burns accident when his face was damaged, since why would anybody obsessed with perfection feel anything other than that about their mutilated face? During his rehabilitation, he claimed he attempted to forget (what had happened to his face and how he appeared). To keep the world dreaming with his creations, he disguised his scars with face masks, turtlenecks, long sleeves, and even several rings on all of his fingers during interviews or photoshoots. Did he also get plastic surgery to have the scars on his face removed?

Sure, Olivier Rousteing may have healed totally on his own from the face and torso burns. He claimed to be healed, joyful, and healthy. Fans think that he has undergone plastic surgery since something about his appearance has altered. People are unsure what about his face is changed, but they are convinced that he has never looked the same since the accident. He may have gone under the knife to repair himself after the disaster.

Olivier Rousteing Discusses Plastic Surgery!

Olivier Rousteing has not yet acknowledged to having plastic surgery to repair his features. What matters most is that he is now happy, healthy, and healed. It makes no difference how he healed from his face burns and scars or if he had surgery to repair himself. But since he’s a prominent character, people can’t help but speculate. They may have let it go if there hadn’t been reports about his having surgery before to the accident.

However, Rousteing’s face had become substantially leaner and more chiseled in recent years, and you couldn’t help but assume it was plastic surgery since it was simply his face. If it had been weight reduction, his whole body would have slimmed down, but it was just his face that became more prominent. His jaw seemed to be quite prominent and polished. He seemed to have undergone buccal fat excision and/or jaw implants.

Olivier Rousteing

In every shot, Olivier Rousteing’s cheeks seem hollow, as if he has been biting the inside of his cheeks. His cheeks seem to have shed face fat. And his lips are protruding like never before. He seems to have gone crazy with his lip fillers, as his lips appear to be excessively large and disproportionate to the rest of his face. His mouth was already pretty full, but it’s possible that it wasn’t enough for him, which is why he received fillers. That is not achievable without the use of plastic surgery. He has never acknowledged having plastic or medical surgery, but when questioned in an interview what he felt of males having plastic surgery, he hinted that he was not against guys getting plastic surgery. He said,

I believe the world is changing, and you may choose to be an outsider if you so choose. It’s a personal decision, but I don’t believe anybody should be ashamed of trying to improve themselves.

When questioned about his plastic surgery, Olivier Rousteing said that he had tried Botox once.

I once took Botox, however the issue is that I don’t have wrinkles. I wanted to put it on my forehead, but the doctor stated there was no use since there were no wrinkles. I haven’t done fillers since they would be my greatest enemy. I’m attempting to lose weight, but fillers will make me appear like a hamster.

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