Iceberg Be Wonderfully You

Iceberg Be Wonderfully You

Iceberg, an Italian fashion label, has ventured into the world of fragrances with their newest creation, “Be Wonderfully You,” under the licensing of Give Back Beauty. For this olfactory journey, the brand has once again collaborated with renowned perfumer Ilias Ermenedis.

Celebrating Individuality and Power

“Be Wonderfully You” is a celebration of individuality, unpredictability, and power. It’s a scent that evolves with the woman who wears it, embracing every facet of her personality, each one distinct and delightful.

A Tribute to Unique Attractiveness

“Be Wonderfully You” is a symbol of the bold choice to take pride in oneself and one’s unique attractiveness. Iceberg’s world encapsulates this notion. Founded by Italian visionary Giuliana Marchini, who aspired to create an avant-garde designer sportswear line, Iceberg remains a prominent figure in the fashion scene even after 50 years.

Capturing Contemporary Femininity

“When I created Be Wonderfully You, I wanted to capture contemporary femininity: a unique and unexpected spirit. In essence, you are the star of this scent,” says Ilias Ermenedis, the Greek perfumer behind this creation.

The floral and fruity fragrance commences with a burst of sparkling lemon and raspberry sorbet, enriched with the lively touch of ginger. The heart of the fragrance features peony and jasmine, harmoniously blending with the warm, woody notes of cedar and sandalwood in the base.

Iceberg Be Wonderfully You Notes

Top Notes Middle Notes Base Notes
Lemon Peony Cedar
Ginger Jasmine Sandalwood
Raspberry Sorbet Amber

A Star-Studded Campaign

The campaign for “Be Wonderfully You” features model Syd Walker, who unveiled the brand’s presentation during Milan Fashion Week. In the campaign photos captured by Lukas Wassmann, the model’s transformation unfolds both inside and outside of the perfume bottle. She leaves her mark on the mirrored walls of the flacon with vibrant pink lipstick, using words to express her multifaceted nature.

A Bottle as Unique as You

The bottle’s uneven surface embodies the concept of a woman who embraces all aspects of her identity. It boasts a stunning mirrored finish in a soft champagne hue, reflecting the image of its owner. The iconic Iceberg monogram is elegantly etched onto both the cap and the outer box.

Available in 100 ml Eau de Toilette

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