Myrrhe Mystère Tom Ford

Myrrhe Mystère Tom Ford

Myrrhe Mystère: Unveiling the Enigmatic Elixir

Tom Ford presents Myrrhe Mystère, an exquisite addition to his prestigious Private Blend collection, slated for a mid-September 2023 release. This limited-edition fragrance delves into the enigmatic world of ancient perfume components, showcasing Tom Ford’s unique interpretation of myrrh.

A Tribute to Rarity and Exclusivity

Myrrhe Mystère pays homage to the rarity and exclusivity inspired by the storied legacy of myrrh. This captivating scent invites you to explore new olfactory horizons, embracing warm, woody, and sweet notes that resonate with opulence.

Myrrhe Mystère Tom Ford

Myrrhe Mystère Tom Ford Notes

Myrrh Essence
Myrrh Absolute

Unveiling the Fragrance Alchemy

At its core, Myrrhe Mystère unravels the allure of myrrh essence and absolute, enveloped in the caress of velvety sandalwood, musk, and vanilla. The amber-tinged woodiness evolves gracefully, emanating a luxurious aura that is both rich and tender.

A Masterpiece in Every Bottle

Indulge in the captivating essence of Myrrhe Mystère, available in 30 and 50 ml Eau de Parfum bottles. Experience the mystique of antiquity fused with contemporary elegance, as Tom Ford invites you to savor the secret elixir of Myrrhe Mystère.

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