Epicò Parfum

Epicò Parfum Is a New Italian Perfume Brand

Epicò Parfum history began with the development of beautifully scented candles and home spray perfumes. Actually, the aggressively called brand had a more modest subtitle back then: Calme Emotions.

However, the team did not stop with creating a warm ambiance at home and instead went on to personal perfumes. Epicò Parfum debuted its new scents at the Esxence-2023 expo in Milan, and I got to know six of the 10 offers in order to inform Fragrantica readers about them.

Almanera: The Essence of Black Soul

When a scent is titled “black soul,” you can’t help but hunt for a hook. No, it’s only an enticing term that conceals the Italians’ fondness for black coffee. An energy source at any time of day. Aside from that evident flavor, Almanera is full of numerous types of sweetness, ranging from caramel and sweet spices to amber and various balsamic notes, that epitomize rapid carbohydrates in the form of delicious sweets. Jasmine and rose are also prominent design elements, providing softness to this floral scent.

Almanera Epicò Parfum

Almanera Epicò Parfum Notes

Top Notes Middle Notes Base Notes
Coffee Milk Tolu Balsam
Cardamom Jasmine Amber
Dried Fruits Burnt Sugar Myrrh
Star Anise Lily of the Valley Fir
Davana Rose Musk

Frida: Vibrancy in a Bottle

Frida is a clear and vibrant scent that is ready to unleash its vitality like a bottle of pink champagne, sparkling with bubbles like a piece of peach in a glass of sparkling wine. However, at its heart, it is a clear and ultra-stable rose scent with a metallic quality reinforced by ambergris. Fleur Narcotique Ex Nihilo fans should rejoice.

Frida Epicò Parfum

Frida Epicò Parfum Notes

Top Notes Middle Notes Base Notes
Blueberry Jasmine Musk
Peach Champagne Ambergris
Bergamot Rose Oak Moss
Lemon Orange Blossom Blonde Woods

Gitano: The Nomadic Adventure

Gitano scent is an effort to describe the nomadic way of life to urban Europeans, the nomads’ passion for horses, leather, and the smoke of the fire that pervades everything. This affection is shared by nomadic peoples from all over the globe. Middle Eastern tastes and their love of oud oil, which combines all the “flavors of a moving house,” are used as inspiration. Flowers adorn the aroma, but the heavy, rich animalic notes of oud, nagarmotha, frankincense, and leather remain dominant. Oud 33 Le Labo, Leather Oud Dior, and many more Arabian scents provide olfactory references for comprehending “Gypsy.”

Gitano Epicò Parfum Notes

Top Notes Middle Notes Base Notes
Bulgarian Rose Oud Leather
Labdanum Jasmine Ambergris
Cardamom Nagarmotha Sandalwood
Cedarwood Animal Notes
Patchouli Guaiac

Sultan: A Tale of Opulence and Authority

Sultan scent seemed to me to be a synthesis of two ideas: a spicy oriental fougère and a robust woody harmony based on oud, cedar, and sandalwood. For a long time, the first one (developed in Europe, by the way) was called upon to personify the life of a wealthy oriental guy with a genuine harem. The second, exclusively Arabian, is a symbol of authority, authoritarianism, masculinity, and money. It’s a highly sophisticated scent with a rich and appealing heart and trail characterized by cedar and coumarin. Penhaligon’s Halfeti is another well-known example.

Sultan Epicò Parfum Notes

Top Notes Middle Notes Base Notes
Saffron Hawthorn Oud
Whiskey Cedar Black Amber
Grapefruit Rose Sandalwood

Othello’s Delight: A Gourmet Adventure

An oriental gourmet scent based on chocolate, honey, and nuts, with patchouli serving as the primary and unifying ingredient. In this adaptation of Shakespeare’s play, Othello sips hot chocolate by the fire, and Desdemona serves him a spiced chocolate fondant before handing him a pipe full of aromatic tobacco. There was no tragedy in this story, and everyone lived happily ever after. A comfortable velvety scent that falls in between A*Men Pure Havane and Tom Ford’s Black Orchid.

Otello Epicò Parfum Notes

Top Notes Middle Notes Base Notes
Chilli Cocoa Patchouli
Cardamom Hazelnut Honey
Mandarin Dried Wood Vanilla

Epicò Parfum: The Italian Elegance Blend

This scent mixes two typical Italian themes – bright, vibrant citrus and meditative orris – into a clean, well-groomed composition. A white backdrop of purity is created by soapy aldehydes, powder, and talc, which is resolved by a traditional fougere sillage. A fresh, vibrant start with an antique foundation.

Epicòo scents are available in Eau de Parfum concentration on the brand’s official website, with 100ml bottles costing 160 euros.

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