UOMO Baldessarini

UOMO Baldessarini New Fragrance

UOMO Baldessarini New Fragrance: The Baldessarini guy embodies the spirit of Italian allure, navigating the beautiful landscapes of the Amalfi Coast with real assurance. He embodies the wonderful spirit of “La Dolce Vita,” with an inherent feel for life’s better pleasures tempered with the blue appeal of the Mediterranean Sea.

Baldessarini’s Timeless Appeal for Men

Baldessarini debuts UOMO, a fragrance created as a manly companion to its best-selling feminine perfume, BELLA, in October 2023. UOMO is an intriguing combination with manly undertones that smoothly blends exhilarating freshness with woody depths. His calm but confident demeanor makes him the ideal partner for BELLA.

BELLA’s Feminine Elegance Meets UOMO’s Masculine Charisma

Baldessarini’s men’s perfumes have charmed their users with high-quality, particularly manly olfactory profiles since its beginning in 2002. In 2021, the company began a new chapter by releasing BELLA, a luxury, flowery perfume for ladies that expresses both femininity and strength. UOMO Eau de Toilette joins this paradigm, providing a harmonic antithesis to BELLA and launching an extraordinary journey across Italy’s breathtaking countryside.

UOMO Baldessarini

Inspired by the Amalfi Coast: UOMO’s Captivating Scent Journey

Crafting UOMO: A Perfumer’s Vision

UOMO by Baldessarini is a modern, magnetic perfume inspired by Italy’s Amalfi Coast and its famed “La Dolce Vita” lifestyle. The scent begins with the energizing perfume of seaside freshness and gradually transforms on the skin into a warm, spicy, and woody combination that emanates an enticing manly charm.

“The stunning Amalfi Coast and the Italian atmosphere of Dolce Vita inspired UOMO.” The sea breeze slowly transforms into a spicy and woody arrangement with beautiful male hues. It’s beautifully balanced with a sensuous floral center and a robust masculine foundation. UOMO is a fresh take on the ideal complement to the alluring aroma of Baldessarini Bella.” Maurus Bachmann is a perfumer.

Elegant Design: UOMO’s Striking Bottle

The simplistic form of the bottle, bathed in rich blue colors, vividly conveys its male essence—robust, real, and seductive. The word ‘UOMO’ is engraved in elegant silver letters and stands out against the background of the bottle. The angular shapes of the high-quality glass vase, together with the deep blue tint, highlight the fragrance’s Mediterranean theme. The outside package perfectly suits the bottle.

UOMO Baldessarini Notes

Top Note Middle Note Base Note
Bergamot, Jasmine, Amber,
Ginger, Lily, Sandalwood,
Black pepper, Iris, Tonka beans,

Explore the BALDESSARINI UOMO Collection

The BALDESSARINI UOMO collection contains the following items:

  • Natural Spray Eau de Toilette 50 ml 58.50 €
  • Natural Spray Eau de Toilette 90 ml 77.00 euros
  • 12.50 € for a gift set (EdT 50ml; Shower Gel 200 ml).

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