Aphrodite: Embrace the Goddess of Love

Step into the realm of love with Aphrodite, the enchanting second scent created by perfume YouTuber Sophie King. This fragrance exudes an irresistible allure, leaving a lasting impression on both the wearer and those around them.

A Collaboration of Scentful Mastery

Sophie King joined forces with renowned perfumer Ruth Mastenbroek to craft a scent that captures the essence of fresh lotus flowers enveloped by exotic palm trees.



Top Notes Heart Notes Base Notes
Mango Palm Leaves Aquatic Notes
Lotus Coconut

A Journey to a Sensual Paradise

As Aphrodite unfolds on the skin, a captivating coconut note emerges, transporting the wearer to a seductive paradise of boundless possibilities where true love blossoms.

A Tribute to the Beloved

Inspired by the beloved and discontinued Guerlain Aqua Allegoria, Coconut Fizz, Aphrodite blends vegan and cruelty-free notes of mango, lotus flower, palm leaves, and coconut milk, boasting a high concentration of perfume oils (30% concentration).


Choose Your Scentful Adventure

Aphrodite is available in three sizes: 50ml Eau de Parfum (£69), 15ml refillable travel spray (£29), and 1.5ml sample (£5). When you experience SOKI LONDON samples, you’ll receive a £5 certificate, redeemable towards any 50ml fragrance. Embrace the divine allure of Aphrodite, and let this captivating fragrance awaken the Goddess of Love within you.

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