Une Pistache Obvious

Une Pistache: Obvious

David Frossard founded Obvious, a niche perfume company from France, in 2020. Obvious is notable for its connection with other niche perfume lines like Frapin and Liquides Imaginaires. The brand embodies the concept of self-evident beauty, creating refined and modern scents inspired by the richness of nature. In September 2023, Obvious will launch “Une Pistache,” a fragrance that captures the essence of a sumptuous pistachio dessert reminiscent of the streets of Tripoli.

Journey Through Fragrant Markets

“Close your eyes and continue your journey to Persian lands, wandering through markets where the scents of orange blossoms and pistachios rub shoulders with the scent of marzipan.”

Une Pistache: Obvious

A Rich and Luxurious Blend

  • Heliotrope: With almond undertones, it adds a sense of richness to the fragrance.
  • Incense Notes: These rejuvenate the scent with depth and complexity.
  • Carrot Notes: Revealing sweet accents, enhancing the perfume’s luxurious nature.
  • Pistachio Milk Essence: Unveiling a range of flavors, from gourmand and sweet to bitter and dry.

Une Pistache: Obvious Notes

Top Notes Heart Notes Base Notes
Neroli Oil Tunisia LMR Pistachio Milk Sandalwood Oil Album
Cardamom Oil LMR Heliotrope Cashmeran
Carrot Heart LMR Olibanum Oil Musk

Available in 100ml Eau de Parfum Version

This upcoming fragrance will be available in a 100ml Eau de Parfum version, promising a unique olfactory experience for fragrance enthusiasts.

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