Iris Medicis Intense

Iris Medicis Intense: Nicolai Parfumeur Createur New Fragrance

Introducing Iris Medicis Intense: An Enchanting Ode to Iris

Iris Medicis Intense, a captivating Eau de Parfum, artfully weaves together a symphony of exquisite notes to create a fragrance that is both alluring and enduring. This olfactory masterpiece combines the elegance of the iris with delicate powdery violet, the sweetness of orange blossom, and the ethereal touch of neroli. The result is a harmonious blend that captures the essence of sophistication and allure.

A Multifaceted Journey

At the heart of Iris Medicis Intense is the rich and captivating iris note, complemented by the gentle embrace of powdery violet. These notes intertwine to create a sense of depth and complexity, inviting you to embark on a multifaceted olfactory journey.

Perfume Name Edition
Iris Medicis Intense 2023

Blooms of Beauty

The floral bouquet of Iris Medicis Intense blooms with the inclusion of sweet orange blossom and airy neroli. These delicate white blossoms infuse the fragrance with a touch of elegance and femininity, adding a layer of softness to the composition.

Iris Medicis Intense Notes

Top Notes Heart Notes Base Notes
Galbanum Iris Sandalwood
Carrot Seeds Violet Leather
Orange Blossom Vanilla
Neroli Musk

A Trail of Enchantment

The base of Iris Medicis Intense is a testament to its enduring charm. A foundation of sandalwood, musk, and vanilla provides a warm and comforting backdrop, enveloping you in a sense of coziness and allure. The addition of a saffron leather accord enhances the fragrance, giving it strength, sillage, and a captivating lingering trail.

Available in Three Sizes

Iris Medicis Intense (Eau de Parfum) is offered in three sizes to suit your preference and ensure that you can enjoy its enchanting aroma to the fullest. Choose from the 30ml, 100ml, or 250ml bottles, each encapsulating the allure and sophistication of this captivating fragrance. Indulge in the luxurious experience of Iris Medicis Intense, where the beauty of the iris and a symphony of notes come together to create an olfactory masterpiece that lingers in the memory.

(Please note that availability and details may vary.)

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