Les Liquides Imaginaires LIQUIDE

Les Liquides Imaginaires: LIQUIDE

Luxury fragrance enthusiasts rejoice as LIQUIDE earns its permanent place in the prestigious Les Liquides Imaginaires collection. Formerly an exclusive Limited Edition, this olfactory masterpiece, encased in a resplendent gold flacon, is now available indefinitely, marking the dawn of a new era for the esteemed house and the commencement of the Alchemical Trilogy.

A Golden Celebration at Jovoy Mayfair

To commemorate this momentous occasion, Jovoy Mayfair orchestrated a lavish launch party, inviting attendees not only to immerse themselves in the scent of gold but also to indulge their palates in a culinary experience mirroring the fragrance’s essence—reminiscent of delightful macarons.

Phillipe’s Quest for Perfumery’s Essence

Phillipe Di Meo, the visionary creator, expressed his mission to restore perfumery to its original purpose as a medium for connecting with the divine—an aspiration well-known to admirers of Les Liquides Imaginaires. “Maybe if we try to talk to them,” he mused, “we’ll get something back.” A hopeful sentiment that echoes through the fragrance.

When Fragrance Chooses You

In a departure from the customary practice of choosing our perfumes, Phillipe proposed the intriguing notion that, on occasion, the fragrance should choose us. Attendees were treated to personalized ‘tarot readings’ from Phillipe’s neck, intricately designed to align with Les Liquides Imaginaires volumes.

A Personal Olfactory Journey: Bello Rabelo

The ‘cold reading’ provided by Mr. Di Meo unfolded with startling accuracy, delivering a recommendation for a new olfactory adventure. In a surprising twist, the perfume that seemingly chose one participant was Bello Rabelo. Despite personal aversions to boats and infrequent indulgence in wine, the fragrance unfolded into a narrative of tobacco, sharp labdanum, and a Christmassy sensation—a hero’s journey suggested by the gods, perhaps urging the individual to venture beyond their usual comforts.

The Radiance of The Sun: Symbol of Liquide

The tarot card symbolizing Liquide is The Sun, embodying “an adornment of solar light.” Contrary to expectations of a heavier composition, Liquide is both literally and metaphorically light. Gold is portrayed as a clear and pungent vapor, evoking the image of liquid precious metal ascending back to the gods when touched by the sun. Saffron, the golden king of spices, delicately intertwines with labdanum, creating a hazy and weightless aura. Ambroxan’s unexpected subtlety and the smoothness of labdanum contribute to an overall sheer and fuzzy quality, depicting an incredible alchemy of pure warmth.

An Alchemical Trilogy Unveiling

While Philippe hinted at the Moon inspiring the second episode of the Alchemical trilogy, the third remains a mystery. To complete the set, let’s envision the star—a fitting conclusion to an enchanting olfactory trilogy.

Pricing and Availability

Liquide is available for £230 in a 100-ml bottle at Jovoy Mayfair and the Jovoy website, inviting fragrance connoisseurs to partake in an everlasting journey of elegance and allure.

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