Bambou- Molinard New Fragrance

Bambou- Molinard New Fragrance

Discover the Enchanting Bambou: A Tribute to Grace and Strength

Molinard, the renowned French perfume house, introduces Bambou, the latest addition to its La Fraîcheur fragrance line. This exquisite scent pays homage to the rich traditions of Asian cultures, capturing the timeless allure of bamboo trees—a symbol of unwavering strength and resilience fused with elegance and grace.

A Journey of Freshness and Light

La Fraîcheur, Molinard’s celebrated fragrance collection, draws inspiration from near and far, weaving together moments, memories, and emotions to craft luminous and invigorating Eaux de Parfum. With its citrusy, aquatic, aromatic, and spicy facets, the collection embodies the vibrant freshness that is the heart of each composition.

Bambou- Molinard New Fragrance

Zesty, Spicy, and Floral Elegance

Bambou emerges as a masterpiece within the La Fraîcheur line, a symphony of zesty, spicy, and floral notes that invigorate the senses. It captures the essence of botanical beauty, enveloping you in a harmonious blend that radiates freshness and tenderness.

Molinard  Bambou Notes

Top Notes Heart Notes Base Notes
Bergamot Bamboo Cedar
Cardamom Basil Sandalwood
Ginger Musk

A Harmonious Blend

Bambou is a true testament to Molinard’s artistry, skillfully blending cedarwood and sandalwood essences to create a perfume that is well-rounded and light. The fragrance strikes an exquisite balance between enduring tenacity and subtle simplicity, making it an ideal choice for those who seek an enchanting and delicate scent that lingers throughout the day.

Experience Bambou’s Allure

Indulge in the captivating allure of Bambou, as it transports you to a world where strength meets elegance, and grace meets resilience. The 75ml Eau de Parfum bottle holds the essence of this enchanting fragrance, inviting you to embark on a sensory journey that celebrates the beauty of nature and the art of perfumery.

(Please note that availability and details may vary.)

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