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Who Is Ysabel Jordan? Michael Jordan’s Daughter

Michael Jordan’s five children seem to have lacked the GOAT gene. The Chicago Bulls icon is generally regarded as the best player of all time, yet he did not instill such traits in his children. Jordan’s children would have benefited much from being raised by one of the best NBA players. Jordan retired in 2003, and only his first three children saw their father’s greatness on the court. Jeffrey, Marcus, and Jasmine Jordan all grew up during the Bulls’ success in the 1990s. Victoria and Ysabel, MJ’s two youngest kids, are both young and have missed out.

Jordan’s twins were born following his 2013 marriage to Yvette Prieto. Victoria and Ysabel were born a year later. Both twins are eight years old. Ysabel’s identity is kept hidden from the public, just like her twin sister’s. Michael and Prieto are both well-known celebrities in their own fields. It’s reasonable that parents want to keep their children out of the spotlight. It can’t be easy being the daughter of a supermodel and an NBA icon. Ysabel has a lot of time to figure out her job ambitions. Maybe she’ll be the Jordan family’s first supermodel/basketball player.

Michael Jordan’s Children Had a Different Difficulty Than Their Father.

Michael Jordan rose to prominence after winning many championships with the Chicago Bulls. This kind of celebrity has often placed his family in the limelight. Three of them have gone into business. After graduation, Jeffrey Jordan attended Nike Inc.’s management training program. He co-founded the Jordan Avakian Group, a Chicago-based consulting firm, in 2020. Marcus, MJ’s second son, also entered the business world. In May 2016, he founded Trophy Room, a high-end shoe boutique. However, in 2019, he shuttered the physical shop and switched to an internet company. His company seems to be doing well since he has clients such as recognized music superstar DJ Khaled.

Ysabel Jordan

Jordan’s first daughter, Jasmine, is also a businesswoman. She is employed by both Nike and Jordan Brand. She also represents several Charlotte Hornets players and serves as Jordan Brand’s WNBA ambassador. His twin daughters, Victoria and Ysabel, still have a long road ahead of them.

Ysabel Jordan Father Controversies

Ysabel’s father was engaged in a few scandals. During the 1995 training camp, he punched Steve Kerr, which was one of his most noteworthy episodes. Jordan and Kerr initially met during the Bulls’ record-breaking season in 1995-96. Similarly, they began talking trash, which resulted in a brawl that concluded with Jordan’s punch and Kerr’s black eye. Jordan’s health was widely speculated about in the late 2000s and early 2010s. Similarly, the vast majority of rumors claimed that Michael Jordan’s eyes were yellow in images.

Furthermore, many Michael Jordan supporters hypothesized about what had happened to his eyes, and the majority predicted medical problems. According to medical journals, yellow eyes indicate a jaundice illness. Similarly, the yellow component causes the eyes to seem yellow. However, as previously noted, Jordan never confirmed the claims.

Ysabel Jordan


Ysabel, on the other hand, had three adult stepbrothers from her father’s previous marriage to Juanita Vanoy: Jeffrey Michael, Marcus James, and Jasmine Jordan. Jeffrey is the oldest of the seven siblings.

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