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Marlo Hampton’s Weight Loss: Her Journey with Ozempic

If you compare Marlo Hampton’s (@marlohampton) images from roughly five years ago to her latest ones, you will see that she has lost weight. Her physique is considerably more toned today, and she is much more shapely than she has ever been. Fans want to know how she shed weight and improved and toned her physique.

Before and After Photos Shared by Her Trainer

As it turns out, The Real Housewives of Atlanta star’s fitness path has been fraught with ups and downs. Her admirers first saw her physical change in 2018 when her fitness trainer posted images of her before and after weight reduction on his Instagram page. To say her figure changed dramatically would be an exaggeration since she was never overweight in the first place and didn’t seem to have much weight to shed.

The Key to Her Transformation: Insights from Her Trainer

However, whatever little difference there was, it was big and visible since Marlo Hampton was much more toned and had a defined body shape in the afterimage. Fans’ mouths dropped when they saw that picture of her. They were blown away by her weight reduction transformation, which the trainer stated required a lot of hard work and devotion. Kory Phillips, the fitness coach who has molded Reginae Carter, Kashdoll, Toya Wright, and Riley Burruss, revealed the key to her “noticeable difference” in her physique.

Marlo Hampton Weight Loss

Setbacks and Regaining Weight in 2020

Unfortunately, Marlo Hampton was unable to sustain her weight drop for an extended period of time. During COVID-19, she recovered all of her lost weight. In 2020, she disclosed that she had gained weight after stepping on the scale while on self-quarantine and discovering that the numbers were not biased in favor of fitness. She took a picture of the number 199.8 and captioned it, “S–t just got real!!!!” she said, cursing at the coronavirus and self-quarantine. “Diet starts NOW!” she said.

Ozempic Usage and Recent Weight Loss

Marlo Hampton was able to sustain her weight reduction right up to the quarantine by sticking to her food plan of two shakes a day, one protein bar split in half, two meals of protein and green vegetables, 96 ounces of water, and three drinks. She couldn’t continue while in quarantine, so she regained all of her weight.

Marlo Hampton

Marlo Hampton stated she was going to restart her diet, and she may have. She has lost weight since 2020, however, it is possible that this is related to her usage of Ozempic. During the RHOA reunion, she revealed that she used a generic brand of weight reduction medication to get in shape for her new appearance.

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