Rouge Chaotique

Rouge Chaotique: Byredo New Fragrances

Introducing Rouge Chaotique: A Captivating Fragrance for the Night

Byredo, the renowned niche perfume company founded by Ben Gorham in Stockholm, has launched its latest scent, Rouge Chaotique, as part of the Night Veils Collection. This collection was curated in 2015 as a selection of perfumes designed specifically for the enchanting and mysterious hours of the night. It embraces the spirit of parties, dates, fun, passion, and the manifestation of one’s alter ego.

Embracing Disorder: Unleashing Unique Self-Expression

The Night Veils Collection initially featured three floral fragrances (rose, lily, jasmine), which achieved success only in their parfum concentration. This was followed by three leather-inspired scents, as well as vanilla and tobacco-amber creations. Now, after eight years, Byredo presents a new addition to the collection, Rouge Chaotique, a lush and gourmand fragrance built around untamed and uncontrolled oud, radiating woody force and syrupy sweetness.

The Allure of the Night: A World of Possibilities

Creative director and Byredo founder, Ben Gorham, believes that the night possesses a unique charm, offering a realm of possibilities. It reveals a sense of duality and showcases another version of oneself.

Rouge Chaotique

Rouge Chaotique Notes

Top Notes Middle Notes Base Notes
Cassis Plum Oud
Bergamot Praline Papyrus
Lemon Oak Patchouli

A Captivating Symphony: Gourmand Oud Fragrance

Rouge Chaotique stands as the Night Veils collection’s first gourmand oud fragrance, embracing the idea that embracing disorder in the creative process leads to exceptional self-expression. The fragrance opens with a tantalizing blend of spiced leather, fresh blackcurrant, and bergamot, complemented by a prelude of precious saffron. The heart of the scent envelops in velvety smooth gourmand overtones, with syrupy sensations of plum and toasted praline, offering an addictive guilty delight. The animalic sensuality of oud harmonizes with patchouli and crisp papyrus, culminating in a stunning conclusion sourced from one of the world’s most luxurious raw materials.

Intimate Sensations: A Fragrance Tailored to Your Body Heat

A modest amount of Rouge Chaotique Extrait de Parfum will gracefully linger close to your skin, matching your body heat throughout the day or night, creating a captivating aura around you.


Rouge Chaotique Byredo is available for purchase on the brand’s official website starting June 29, 2023, offering the alluring fragrance in Extrait de Parfum concentration. The fragrance comes in elegant 50ml bottles, providing an immersive olfactory experience for €270.

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