Claus Porto- Musgo Real Alto Mar

Claus Porto- Musgo Real Alto Mar

Discover the Essence of the Atlantic with Claus Porto’s Musgo Real Alto Mar Collection

Claus Porto, a venerable name in the world of Portuguese cosmetics, takes pride in its rich history and the spirit of innovation that defines Portuguese culture. Now, expanding its renowned Musgo Real brand, Claus Porto presents a new addition: Musgo Real Alto Mar. Inspired by the boundless beauty of the Portuguese sea, this collection is a tribute to the Atlantic Ocean and the infinite possibilities it represents.

An Ode to the Sea

“We are Portuguese; the sea represents endless possibilities, infinite hope, and a higher power to us.” With these words, Claus Porto captures the essence of Musgo Real Alto Mar. The sea, an eternal source of inspiration, is celebrated as a point of departure, a destination, and a horizon that stretches beyond imagination. This sentiment laid the foundation for the creation of Musgo Real Alto Mar, offering a unique composition that encapsulates the very soul of the Atlantic Ocean.

Collaboration with Nature’s Curator

Guided by the expertise of acclaimed French perfumer Daphné Bugey, Claus Porto embarked on a journey to honor the sea. Daphné, who relocated to Portugal to be closer to nature and its aquatic wonders, poured her curiosity and passion into this creation. Her collaboration with Claus Porto resulted in a collection that embodies the sea’s essence, a tribute achieved by infusing the products with the power of the Atlantic’s nutrient-rich macroalgae.

Claus Porto- Musgo Real Alto Mar

Claus Porto- Musgo Real Alto Mar Notes

Top Notes Heart Notes Base Notes
Calone Absinth Cashmere Woods
Mint Jasmine Sandalwood
Anise Rosemary Tonka

The Heart of the Ocean

At the core of Musgo Real Alto Mar lies a precious ingredient sourced from the Atlantic coast—Bladderwrack extract. This aqueous essence, meticulously obtained through an innovative and ecologically conscious process developed in collaboration with Algaplus, envelops every product in the collection. Bladderwrack extract, a gift from the sea, lends its unique properties to Alto Mar’s Eau de Toilette and soaps, inviting you to experience the rejuvenating touch of the ocean.

Timeless Design, Modern Elegance

The Musgo Real Alto Mar Eau de Toilette bottle preserves the iconic angular Art Deco design that defines the Musgo Real line. A touch of retro charm graces the packaging, featuring a black and gold spray for both convenience and aesthetics.

Embrace the Atlantic Essence

Claus Porto’s Musgo Real Alto Mar collection invites you to immerse yourself in the essence of the Atlantic, to feel the vitality of the sea’s treasures on your skin. With products ranging from the captivating Eau de Toilette (€95.00/$120) to the timeless Soap On A Rope (€24.00/$32), Body Soap (€16.00/$25), and Mini Soap (€8.00/$10), this collection offers an opportunity to connect with the ocean’s majesty in the comfort of your daily routine. Experience Musgo Real Alto Mar and let the spirit of the sea elevate your senses to new heights.

Note: Euro and USD prices provided are estimates and may vary.

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