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Whitney Port Weight Loss: How Much Has She Lost Her Weight?

Whitney Port’s followers, as well as her husband, are quite concerned about her after her dramatic weight loss. The Hills star admits to not eating enough and that her appearance did not appear healthy. Whitney Port was at first unconcerned with her weight loss, but after stepping on a scale, she knew she needed to address her health.

After noting Whitney Port’s weight decrease, social media exploded into a frenzy. About a week ago, the reality actress tweeted a photo of herself posing in a bikini, which sparked outrage among her admirers on social media due to how emaciated she appeared. She had become exceedingly thin to the point of appearing unwell and unhealthy, which concerned her fans greatly. Her bones appeared to protrude from her chest in the photos. Her latest appearance also gave the impression that she was slumped and that her bones protruded from her back. Whitney Port’s weight loss appeared to be a significant problem.

Whitney Port Has She Lost Weight? Take a look at her before and after photos!

Whitney Port (@whitneyeveport) has lost a lot of weight, and her followers are worried

Whitney Port

Many of her followers flocked to social media to express their concern over The Hill alum’s slender body and health, but she didn’t take them seriously at first and assumed people were overreacting to her weight loss because they didn’t know what her diet looked like. But when her husband began to be concerned about her and brought her lean figure to her attention, she couldn’t help but disregard it.

Whitney Port realized that her weight loss was a legitimate problem after her husband stated his concern, rather than something that strangers were saying for no reason. After stepping on a scale and seeing what others had seen, she realized she needed to prioritize her health. She then took some time to figure out what was wrong with her body and admitted that she hadn’t been paying attention to her bodily changes.

Whitney Port addressed her weight loss worries on Instagram stories, saying that the way she appeared was not a conscious decision on her side and that she became so skinny because she did not prioritize feeding herself and was picky about eating.

I eat to live rather than the other way around. But it hit me after I stepped on the scale. It’s not something I try to achieve. I’m always hungry, yet I have no idea what to eat. But it’s not how I want to appear or feel. My excuses are that I’m too lazy to prioritize feeding myself or that I’m too particular about taste and quality. I don’t want to set a bad example, so I promised Timmy, and I’ll promise you, that my health will be my top concern.

Whitney Port’s Weight Loss: She’s Practicing Mindful Eating!

Whitney Port

Whitney Port discussed her eating habits and rehashed her former restrictive diet she followed when she starred on The Hills from 2006 to 2008 on her With Whit podcast earlier this month, giving insight to her fans as to what has led to this dramatic weight loss and her lack of concern about it. She claimed she ate only 1,000 calories each day because she thought she appeared a little chubby’ on film, which drove her to reduce weight.

The reality star then began to consider her weight in terms of how attractive she appeared, and in an attempt to control how she appeared, she began to lose weight and get slender. As her weight loss concerns grew, she admitted that she needed to clarify what attractive meant to her and whether those things were genuinely healthy. She stated that she was doing a lot of self-reflection and that she was trying to eat healthier.

Whitney Port stated that she would eat mindfully and put the appropriate things into her body. She appears to be taking her weight loss seriously and putting her health first.

I’m obviously not eating enough, and the way I look right now does not appear healthy. That’s not how I want to appear. And I believe I grumble a lot about my lack of energy on here. And I believe that some of it derives from not giving myself what it truly requires. I want to eat with intention. I want to eat the correct stuff and exercise in a way that will help me gain muscle. So, fellas, I’m on it.

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