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Draya Michele Plastic Surgery: Did She Do BBL?

Because of her amazing figure, Draya Michele has frequently been the target of plastic surgery suspicion. The Instagram beauty is thought to have a BBL to enhance her butt and body. Draya Michele, on the other hand, has denied having any type of plastic surgery on her buttocks, only admitting to having breast implants and a reverse stomach tuck. She had intended to remove her implants, but it does not appear that she has done so.

Draya Michele rose to notoriety in mainstream culture as Chris Brown’s girlfriend and as a video vixen. Draya Michele was seen in music videos for a variety of singers, including Quavo and Don Toliver. She began her modeling (and acting) career after receiving initial attention, and her reputation expanded even more when Draya Michele was cast in the VH1 series Basketball Wives LA in 2011. She used the clout she gained from her stint on reality television to launch her own company. Draya Michele currently owns several fashion lines, including Mint Swim swimwear, Fine Ass Girls lifestyle clothes, and Beige & Coco clothing.

It’s incredible how Draya Michele has turned her celebrity into a multi-million dollar brand. She has effectively transitioned from reality TV star to online personality to businesswoman, becoming a household brand in the entertainment industry. Fans are praising you for that, but do you know what they are praising you for even more? Her figure! She has killer curves, and others are certain that she was not born with them and that she has used plastic surgery to enhance her form!

Let’s talk about Draya Michele’s plastic surgery!

Draya Michele’s Plastic Surgery: Fans Believe She Underwent BBL!

Draya Michele
Draya Michele’s Plastic Surgery

Michele (@drayamichele) is popularly assumed to have had buttock enhancement surgery. Almost everyone believes she had BBL, and some believe she had liposuction as well. She has only ever revealed that she had breast implants and a reverse tummy tuck.

The reality star has a gorgeous body, which she can’t help but flaunt with her daring and flamboyant dress choices, which usually leave little to the imagination and that people can’t help but stare at in amazement all day. It’s impossible to believe her physique. Her body does not appear to be real, therefore people believe she had plastic surgery to improve her appearance.

Speculation that Draya Michele had plastic surgery was unavoidable because it’s difficult to believe that anyone would be born with such killer curves. Plastic surgery rumors reached an all-time high in 2019 after she shared a promotional video for Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty brand on her Instagram stories. Her body was so unbelievable in the video that she quickly became a social media sensation.

Everyone started talking about and dissecting her anatomy, and many of them came to the conclusion that her body was not natural at all. They dug up images of the social media icon from her Basketball Wives days when she didn’t seem as plump and voluptuous as receipts for body treatment. Many chastised her for undergoing plastic surgery to achieve such an impossible image, adding to the rigidification and harshening of standards for women’s bodies.

Draya Michele claims she has only had plastic surgery on her breasts and not her buttocks!

Draya Michele
Draya Michele claims she has only had plastic surgery on her breasts

The online debate and criticism became too loud for Draya Michele to ignore, and she finally cleared the air, admitting that she had not done BBL or liposuction to enhance her form and get the perfect shape. Draya Michele did not, however, claim to be all-natural. She admitted to getting plastic surgery to make her breasts larger. She even gave Dr. Daniel Kim of Beverly Hills credit for the treatment.

Draya Michele had pondered removing her breast implants since she was tired of dragging them around because her breasts were large. In 2014, she took to Twitter to inform her followers that she was considering giving herself a new look with a new physique, potentially a less curvaceous one, by removing the breast implants. She said that her boobs made her seem skanky, and that flat a*s and a chest looked much better.

In September, I’ll bid my ‘girls’ farewell. I’m sick of these boobs always making everything appear skanky. Girls, having flat a-s and a chest makes outfits look nicer. And believe me when I say that the faux tidday phase is over. Draya Michele revealed that she had breast implants and a reverse stomach tuck.

The 38-year-old did discuss having her breast implants removed, but it does not appear that she actually went through with the plastic surgery reversal process because she still has the same full breasts and is not less curvaceous. She also admitted to getting a reverse tummy tuck in 2022. She claimed she bought it to get rid of loose skin on her tummy.

My loose skin was most visible when I wore garments that were too tight around my waist, such as workout attire. I was sick of straining my torso in photos. And I was sick of my abs not showing through the slack skin. Some of you might think I didn’t need the video. But the loose skin made me feel uneasy, and the way it made my belly button sag was heartbreaking.

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