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Who Is Evangeline Lilly Ex-Husband Murray Hone? Relationship And Age

Murray Hone is a well-known hockey player and media personality. He rose to prominence thanks to his ex-wife, Evangeline Lilly, a famous Canadian actress.

His Ex-Wife, Who Is Evangeline Lilly?

Evangeline Lilly is a well-known Canadian novelist and actor. She was born in Fort Saskatchewan, Canada, on August 3, 1979. Her role in the television series “Lost” propelled her to fame. Evangeline has two children with her “Lost” colleague Normani Kali. Her age is 43 years. She is currently a well-known actress, well recognized for her work in Marvel’s “Ant-Man” series. She has also been named one of the “most beautiful” actresses and is a successful actress.

Evangeline Relationship

Murray and Evangeline married in 2003 after dating for many years. Unfortunately, their love lasted barely a year and dissolved in 2004. They divorced due to personal reasons and disputes. After dating Norman Kali, Evangeline married him in 2010. Murray has no other marital status as of yet. Following her divorce from Murray in 2004, Evangeline began seeing Dominic Monaghan the following year.

Murray Hone

They married right after and spent three years together before divorcing in 2007 because Dominic said they had to separate since he was too busy drinking and partying. After going through life alone until 2010, she fell in love with a colleague from the “Lost” series named Normani Kali, who is also an actor. They have a wonderful family with two children.

Mother of Two Amazing Children

Evangeline and Normani had their first child, a son called Kahekili Kali, in 2011. They had their second kid, a girl this time, in 2015. There isn’t much information on their child, but they have a wonderful family.

Evangeline’s Perspective on Acting

Evangeline just concluded appearing in the Ant-Man trilogy and said that she was not interested in acting as a vocation. She also said that she was a broke university student. She said that all she wanted was some money and a good job with flexibility. Evangeline was then approached about joining the acting industry, which would make her life simpler, and she accepted the offer for her daily existence. She went on to become a well-known actress after that.

Evangeline Discusses Her Career and Strength

Evangeline discusses her professional development and path to success. As an actor, she also emphasizes the value of women’s power and femininity. She also inspired modern women to keep their femininity and power while moving ahead in life to attain success. In this interview, she discussed the pivotal time in her life.

Evangeline On Antman and the Wasp

Evangeline portrays the Wasp in Ant-Man, and she expresses her joy at being a part of Marvel’s greatest sequel. She seemed to be really satisfied and proud of herself. Evangeline also expressed her delight at seeing girls dressed in Wasp costumes on Halloween. She responded to the reporter’s inquiries in a timely and entertaining manner.

Evangeline Lilly
Evangeline Lilly plays the Wasp in Ant-Man

Net Worth

Murray’s net worth has been estimated to be approximately $15 million dollars by different sources. His ex-wife Evangeline has an estimated net worth of $5 million. There isn’t much information regarding Murray’s job, but his ex-wife Evangeline is still active in the performing scene and is a world-renowned actress. She has appeared in films like as Ant-Man, Real Steel, Avengers: Endgame, and others that have become worldwide hits.


His ex-wife’s age is 44.

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