Calvin Klein Defy Parfum

Calvin Klein Defy Parfum: Calvin Klein’s New Fragrances in the Men’s Collection

Calvin Klein Defy Parfum: Redefining Rebellion and Self-Expression

Calvin Klein Fragrances continues its journey of bold self-expression with the introduction of Calvin Klein Defy Parfum, the latest addition to its distinguished men’s fragrance lineup. Building upon the legacy of Calvin Klein Defy Eau de Toilette and Calvin Klein Defy Eau de Parfum, this new scent invites you to embrace the essence of rebellion and individuality.

Perfume Name Edition Perfumer

Unveiling a New Level of Strength

Calvin Klein Defy Parfum takes the iconic woody character of its predecessors and elevates it to new heights of potency and allure. Crafted by renowned IFF perfumer Pascal Gaurin, the fragrance defies conventions and expectations, embodying a spirit of audaciousness and confidence.

A Symphony of Energizing Notes

At the heart of Calvin Klein Defy Parfum lies an invigorating symphony of olfactory sensations. The fragrance begins with a lively burst of pink pepper, setting the stage for an unforgettable experience. Lavender gracefully contributes a fragrant note to the composition, adding depth and complexity to the journey. The foundation of sustainably sourced repurposed cocoa shells imparts a luxurious and gourmet depth to the scent while championing the cause of sustainability.

Calvin Klein Defy Parfum

Calvin Klein Defy Parfum Notes

Top Notes Heart Notes Base Notes
Pink Pepper Lavender Cocoa Shell

Design Reflecting Complexity

The bottle design of Calvin Klein Defy Parfum, created by Malin Ericson, embraces Calvin Klein’s signature minimalist aesthetic. A deep navy glass adorned with a textured matte blue cap captures the essence of the fragrance. The bottle’s curved and angled corners mirror the multifaceted nature of the Defy man—both vulnerable and fearless.

A Face of Defiance

Renowned actor Richard Madden lends his presence to the campaign, embodying the spirit of Calvin Klein Defy Parfum. The campaign is further brought to life through the captivating still-life photography of Thomas Legrand.

Choose Your Defiance

Calvin Klein Defy Parfum is available in a range of sizes to suit every preference: 50ml, 100ml, 200ml, and a convenient 10ml travel spray. Whether you’re seeking an everyday statement or a captivating aura for special occasions, Calvin Klein Defy Parfum empowers you to redefine what it means to defy expectations.

Note: Available sizes and pricing may vary.

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