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What’s Marcus Morris Sr’s Salary: Marcus Thomas Morris Sr. is a professional basketball player from the United States who currently competes in the National Basketball Association for the Los Angeles Clippers. The forward had a successful collegiate basketball career at Kansas before being selected by the Houston Rockets in the 14th overall spot in the 2011 NBA draft. To explore information about some basketball players salaries, check out Kawhi Leonard Salary

Marcus Morris Sr Yearly, Monthly, Weekly, Daily, Hourly, Per Minute Salary

Approximate Salary
Yearly $17,116,279
Monthly $1,426,357
Weekly $329,198
Daily $65,840
Hourly $2,744
Per Minute $45.73


Date Event Fine Amount
Feb 6, 2020 Traded to LA (LAC) from New York (NYK) as part of a 3-team trade
Aug 30, 2020 Fined $2,000 for ejection from LAC-DAL game (playoff) $2,000
Sep 2, 2020 Fined $35,000 for ‘reckless striking’ of Luke Doncic during LAC-DAL game (playoff) $35,000
Nov 27, 2020 Signed a 4-year, $64 million contract with Los Angeles (LAC)
Feb 8, 2022 Fined $2,000 for ejection from LAC-MEM game $2,000
Feb 6, 2023 Fined $2,000 for ejection from LAC-BKN game $2,000
Mar 15, 2023 Fined $4,000 for ejection from GSW-LAC game $4,000

Marcus Morris Sr’s Net Worth

According to estimates, Marcus Morris’ net worth in 2023 is estimated to reach $50 million. His NBA performance has surged, and we anticipate that his net worth will rise more as the seasons go on. This figure covers all of his sponsorships and club obligations. Morris is estimated to have earned more than $15 million throughout his NBA career.

Marcus Morris Sr


According to The Spotrac, Marcus Morris Sr. committed to the Los Angeles Clippers by signing a four-year deal for a total of $64,000,000, with $64,000,000 of that sum being guaranteed, and an annual average salary of $16,000,000. In the 2023-24 season, Morris Sr. will have a cap hit of $17,116,279, a dead cap value of $17,116,279, and a base salary of $17,116,279 for that year.

Marcus Morris Sr Endorsement

There is no information on Morris’ endorsement arrangements available. His NBA club, the Los Angeles Clippers, is claimed to be a key sponsor of his. Morris previously signed a four-year deal for $20,000,000 with the Phoenix Suns. At the moment, he has inked a $64,000,000 contract with the Los Angeles Clippers.

FAQ: Marcus Morris Sr’s Salary Breakdown

1. Who is Marcus Morris Sr?
Marcus Morris Sr is a professional basketball player who has played for several NBA teams, including the Los Angeles Clippers. As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, he was a member of the Clippers roster.

2. What is Marcus Morris Sr’s yearly salary?
Marcus Morris Sr’s yearly salary is $17,116,279.

3. How much does Marcus Morris Sr earn per month?
Marcus Morris Sr earns $1,426,357 per month.

4. What is Marcus Morris Sr’s weekly salary?
Marcus Morris Sr’s weekly salary is $329,198.

5. How much does Marcus Morris Sr earn per day?
Marcus Morris Sr earns $65,840 per day.

6. What is Marcus Morris Sr’s hourly salary?
Marcus Morris Sr’s hourly wage is $2,744.

7. How much does Marcus Morris Sr earn per minute?
Marcus Morris Sr earns $45.73 per minute.

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