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Matt Campbell Salary: Contract Extension And Career Highlights At Iowa State

The issue of “Matt Campbell salary” has received a lot of interest in recent years, particularly with Iowa State Football Coach Matt Campbell’s increasing renown and successes. As of 2023, this collegiate football legend has not only changed the destiny of the Iowa State football team but also witnessed a significant increase in his pay.

Matt Campbell’s accomplishment, as seen by consecutive winning records, bowl games, and substantial honors, merits the attention his compensation has received. Let’s take a closer look at his amazing earnings, current contract, and how he compares to other great trainers. Matt Campbell, widely regarded as one of the best college football coaches in the country, has significantly raised Iowa State’s football profile. This article focuses on Matt Campbell’s compensation, highlighting his recent contract extension and drawing similarities with other prestigious Big 12 coaches.

Matt Campbell’s Career

Campbell began his coaching career as a graduate assistant at Toledo in 2005, and his meteoric rise in the coaching ranks is impressive. His record as head coach at Toledo was an outstanding 35-15. He has revitalized Iowa State’s performance since joining the team in 2016. Notably, Iowa State went 9-3 under his direction in 2020. His great achievements include guiding the Cyclones to three bowl games and being named Big 12 Coach of the Year twice.

Contract Renewal in February 2021

The year 2021 was a watershed moment in Campbell’s relationship with Iowa State. He signed a contract extension in February, preserving his position until 2028. This new deal includes a $4 million yearly base pay, cementing Campbell’s position as one of the Big 12’s highest-paid players. Iowa State’s commitment to keeping Campbell reflects their belief in his abilities and the football program’s future direction.

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Recent Changes in Campbell’s Salary

Matt Campbell’s salary at Iowa State has more than doubled from his original affiliation in 2016. This hefty raise highlights his outstanding performance at Iowa State. In line with rising coaching salaries in college football, Campbell’s emoluments are shared by prominent Big 12 coaches such as Oklahoma State’s Mike Gundy and Texas’ Steve Sarkisian.

Campbell Salary Comparison

Campbell’s salary is the seventh highest among Big 12 football coaches, at $4 million per year. Oklahoma State’s Mike Gundy tops the list with $7.5 million, followed by Texas’ Steve Sarkisian with $5.5 million. In a larger sense, Campbell’s remuneration is comparable to that of the highest tiers of collegiate football, with industry heavyweights like Alabama’s Nick Saban making $9.5 million.

Salary Figures Throughout History

Campbell’s monetary trajectory since his 2016 arrival at Iowa State began with a $2.1 million base pay. In terms of growth, it reached $3.5 million in 2017 and $3.7 million in 2020. The 2021 deal has increased it to $4 million, mirroring his unrivaled contributions and the growing coaching expenses.


Matt Campbell’s $4 million yearly salary not only recognizes his great journey with Iowa State, but it also reflects the rising financial landscape of collegiate football. As Iowa State enters a period of unprecedented success under Campbell’s tutelage, keeping a watch on his career trajectory and compensation will undoubtedly be fascinating.


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