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Is Emilie Ullerup Married? A Look At Her Life with Husband Kyle Cassie

Emilie Ullerup, a well-known Danish-Canadian actress best known for her work in Hallmark Channel films and series, has captured many with her skill. As of now, September 24, 2023, the latest buzz around her revolves not just around her roles but also around her marital status. Emilie Ullerup has been married to Kyle Cassie since August 14, 2018. Their relationship lasted 11 years, and they now treasure every minute with their kid, Wilde Mrkv Ullerup Cassie, born on January 24, 2023.

Emilie Ullerup is a shining example of versatile skill. While she dazzles on the Hallmark Channel, few know she’s also a talented singer and dancer. To keep our material up to date, let’s look into her personal life as of today’s date.

Is Emilie Ullerup married?

Emilie’s marital status has sparked discussion and interest. We can now confirm that Emilie Ullerup’s spouse is Kyle Cassie, a well-known Canadian photographer, director, and filmmaker. Their 16-year love story culminated in their marriage on August 14, 2018.

Kyle Cassie and Emilie Ullerup’s Marriage

A true love tale lurks behind the gloss and glamour of the Hallmark Channel. Emilie and Kyle married in 2018 after being together for nearly 16 years. A friendship formed while working together grew into a life shared, marked by mutual respect and affection.

Kyle Cassie and Emilie Ullerup’s Relationship

The seeds of their friendship were planted on the set of a Hallmark Channel film in 2007. In 2007, their friendship evolved into a love partnership, culminating in their wedding in 2018.

Emilie Ullerup’s Instagram Party

Social media platforms often reflect our key life events. Emilie Ullerup regularly posts about her spouse and their love on Instagram. “8 years married, 16 years together,” she reflected in a heartfelt message on August 14, 2023. Happy anniversary to my life’s love. You make me laugh every day, you’re my greatest fan, and I’m so grateful to have you by my side.”

Emilie Ullerup’s Family Situation

Aside from their job and love, the couple celebrated the birth of their son, Wilde Mrkv Ullerup Cassie, on January 24, 2023, as the start of a new chapter in their lives. Their social media posts include moments of parental bliss, demonstrating their shared excitement.


The narrative of Emilie Ullerup and Kyle Cassie, which is marked by lasting love, professional respect, and shared delight, provides a look into their world. They remain a light of mutual appreciation and support as they continue on their journeys, both in their personal lives and in their various jobs.

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