Dirty Peach Heretic

Dirty Peach Heretic: Plant Based EAU DE PARFUM

Introducing Dirty Peach: Embrace the Sensuality of Summer

Joining a lineage of captivating fragrances, Dirty Peach makes its debut as the latest addition to a series that celebrates the art of olfactory storytelling. Building upon its predecessors, Dirty Ginger, Dirty Neroli, Dirty Fig, and many others, Dirty Peach captures the essence of sun-kissed warmth and the allure of creamy white jasmine that whispers of early summer days.

A Symphony of Notes

As the scent journey begins, a burst of vibrant citrus notes dances upon the senses, instantly invoking the image of sunlit orchards. This energetic opening paves the way for the heart of the fragrance, where the rich aroma of perfectly ripe peach flesh takes center stage. The delicate balance between sweet and tangy facets creates a nuanced symphony that captures the very essence of a luscious peach.

But the story doesn’t end there. As the fragrance evolves, the sumptuous notes of peach gracefully intertwine with the delicate embrace of creamy white jasmine. This seductive floral note adds an intoxicating layer to the composition, reminiscent of blossoms blooming under the summer sun.

Dirty Peach Heretic Notes

Top Notes Heart Notes Base Notes
Orange Peel Ylang-Ylang, Strawberry, Grandiflorum Jasmine Vetiver CO2
Mandarin Bitter Orange, Black Currant Bud, Peach Isolate, Violet Leaf Cashmere

A Sensual Harmony

Dirty Peach masterfully weaves a tapestry of sensuality and warmth. The interplay of juicy peach, zesty citrus, and velvety jasmine results in a fragrance that is as inviting as it is alluring. As the hours unfold, the perfume settles into the skin, revealing the soft embrace of cashmere woods that lingers like a warm summer breeze.

Dirty Peach Heretic

A Captivating Presentation

The allure of Dirty Peach is encapsulated in a 50ml Eau de Parfum bottle, a vessel of sensory delight that invites you to experience the magic of summer’s embrace. The packaging itself serves as a tantalizing prelude to the olfactory journey within, a promise of the exquisite blend that awaits.

With Dirty Peach, each spray becomes a moment of indulgence, a chance to envelop yourself in the tantalizing sensations of sun-kissed peach skin and the gentle caress of jasmine blooms. As you wear this fragrance, you carry with you the very essence of early summer, a reminder of the beauty and allure that the season brings. (Please note that details such as availability may vary.)

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