Althaïr Parfums de Marly New Fragrance

Althaïr: Parfums de Marly New Fragrance

Althar by Parfums de Marly: A Tribute to French Elegance and Woody-Vanilla Charms

Parfums de Marly introduces Althar, a distinguished male fragrance that pays homage to the timeless traditions of French haute parfumerie and the captivating allure of the woody-vanilla-amber scent family. Set to be unveiled in late August 2023, Althar promises a sensory experience like no other.

A Fragrant Homage

Althar is a fragrant tribute that artfully weaves together the essence of French elegance and the rich heritage of Bourbon vanilla. This exquisite fragrance showcases the use of premium Bourbon vanilla, a direct descendant of the vanilla introduced to France during the illustrious reign of Louis XV. The result is a masterful blend of warmth, freshness, and sophistication, achieved through the harmonious interplay of citrus, spices, and wood.

A Harmonious Collaboration

The creation of Althar was a collaborative effort between esteemed perfumers Hamid Merati-Kashani, Ilias Ermenidis, and Julien Sprecher. Together, they sought to craft a fragrance that juxtaposes traditional scent elements with innovative and disruptive components, resulting in a captivating olfactory journey.

Althaïr: Parfums de Marly Notes

Top Notes Heart Notes Base Notes
Italian Bergamot Bourbon Vanilla from Madagascar Ambrox
Orange Blossom Absolute Elemi from The Philippines Guaiac Wood
Cinnamon from Ceylon Praline
Guatemalan Cardamom Musk

Unveiling the Olfactory Tapestry

Althar unfolds as a captivating tapestry of aromas, where Bourbon vanilla extract mingles with the bright zest of citrus, the delicate allure of orange blossom, and the inviting embrace of warm spices like cardamom and cinnamon. These intricate layers seamlessly merge with notes of tobacco, praline, refined woods, and supple leather, creating a fragrance that exudes both complexity and comfort.

The Elegance of Presentation

Althar is presented in a 125 ml Eau de Parfum formulation, encased in an opaque bottle that exudes warmth and sophistication. Its rich, warm-toned brown hue complements the fragrance within, inviting you to experience the harmonious blend of French refinement and woody-vanilla charms.

(Please note that availability and details may vary.)

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