Jean Paul Gaultier Divine

Jean Paul Gaultier Divine-New Fragrances For Women

Gaultier Divine – Embracing Feminine Power

Gaultier Divine, Jean Paul Gaultier’s latest collection, is set to launch in August, accompanied by the captivating presence of American actress Yara Shahidi as its brand ambassador. This new scent is envisioned as a celebration of femininity, exuding a remarkable and mysteriously compelling aura. The woman portrayed wearing Gaultier Divine embodies beautiful allure, accentuated by sensuous features and graceful curves, making her a true modern-day goddess.

A True Icon of Goddesshood

“She is extraordinary just as she is.” Divinely genuine, her innate strength radiates with liberation and golden confidence, even beneath her white box. The allure of Gaultier Divine’s delectable sea floral fragrance is undeniable, making her a woman of character and charm.

Jean Paul Gaultier Divine

Gaultier Divine Notes

White Lily
Salty Notes

A Perfume Crafted by Quentin Bisch

Quentin Bisch, the perfumer, artfully crafted this divine mixture by combining floral, gourmand, and oceanic undertones. The scent captures the essence of a salty sea breeze, blending white flowers, lily, and creamy, whipped meringue.

Jean Paul Gaultier Divine

Available in Eau de Parfum

Gaultier Divine is available in three sizes: 30ml, 50ml, and 100ml Eau de Parfum, inviting every woman to embrace her divine essence.

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