ROUTE 66 Feel The Night

ROUTE 66 Feel The Night

Embark on a Mysterious Night Adventure with ROUTE 66 Feel the Night

As the cool night descends upon the rocky landscape, the ROUTE 66 man finds solace, pitching his tent far away from the road, surrounded by complete quiet. In this moment of serenity, beneath the sky ablaze with fire, he discovers himself. Capturing the essence of this captivating experience, ROUTE 66 introduces their latest woody-citrus fragrance, Feel the Night, set to release in mid-July 2023.

Feel the Freedom: Embrace Limitless Masculinity

The ROUTE 66 line, known for epitomizing masculinity and casual style, represents the spirit of boundless freedom. The “Feel the Freedom” collection showcases various vacation spots along the legendary 3945-kilometer “mother of all roads.” Feel the Night, as the sixth masculine-aromatic entry in this series, embodies an alluring chill, exuding sheer masculinity.

A Scent of Adventure: Embrace the Mysterious Night

Feel the Night fragrance offers a welcoming respite after a long day on the road, as the scent of scorching asphalt fades into the approaching night. This invigorating fragrance combines fiery pepper notes with fresh green elements, zesty bergamot, and tangy grapefruit. Aromatic lavender leads to a floral heart, with hints of mineral salt and mystical heliotrope. The foundation is anchored by a potent blend of seductive amber, earthy patchouli, gentle sandalwood, warm tonka bean, and lush moss, creating a compelling interplay of contrasts that endure.

ROUTE 66 Feel The Night

ROUTE 66 Feel The Night Notes

Top Notes Middle Notes Base Notes
Pepper Magnolia Amber
Bergamot Heliotrope Patchouli
Grapefruit Rose Sandalwood
Lavender Mineral Salty Notes Tonka Bean

A Retro-Inspired Design: Journey Back in Time

Feel the Night’s design pays homage to the retro aesthetic. The bottle and box proudly display the iconic Route 66 insignia, familiar to road travelers worldwide. The packaging depicts the ROUTE 66 man finding shelter for the night in a captivating setting beneath a starlit sky during the enchanting blue hour.

ROUTE 66 FEEL THE NIGHT is available in a 100ml eau de Toilette bottle, offered at a recommended retail price of 7.95 EUR. Prepare to embark on a mysterious night adventure and experience the allure of the open road with this exhilarating fragrance.

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