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Ariel Winter Plastic Surgery: Did She Get a Nose Job?

Ariel Winter swears she has had no plastic surgery other than a breast reduction, which she says she did because her back was hurting. Because she looks different than previously, the Modern Family star is suspected of getting a nose operation and lip fillers. Ariel Winter claims that her facial characteristics have changed due to weight fluctuations rather than plastic surgery. Ariel Winter practically grew up in front of the cameras while playing Alex Dunphy on the ABC comedy series Modern Family. When the episode first aired in 2009, she was only 11 years old. She had matured into a young adult by the time the show finished in 2020. She’d changed a lot in those years. But did she alter because she matured or because she underwent plastic surgery?

Some of her followers appear to believe the latter. They believe the actress has had a few minor changes. They are particularly certain that she has had a nose job, Botox, or a brow lift. They don’t understand why she denies having anything done when she has been open about having breast reduction surgery.

Everything you need to know about Ariel Winter’s plastic surgery!

Ariel Winter’s Plastic Surgery: Her Breast Reduction Story!

Some of Ariel Winter’s (@arielwinter) fans believe she has had plastic surgery, including a nose job and lip fillers. She has only ever stated that she had breast reduction surgery. Fans of Ariel Winter believe she has had plastic surgery on her face. Because of her voluptuous physique, the Modern Family star has always gotten too much unwelcome attention. She is a big-breasted woman by nature, and as a result, she has had to face a lot of agony as well as unfavorable scrutiny of her physique. Because of her large bosom, she became increasingly uneasy in her own skin. As a result, she underwent plastic surgery to lower the size of her breasts.

Ariel Winter never imagined she’d require a breast reduction treatment when she was younger because she was so slender. She recalls being so flat at her sister’s wedding that she wished she could sprout boobs. Her boobs swelled overnight, just as she had hoped, and they never stopped expanding. They eventually became so painful that she couldn’t stand it any longer and had to have plastic surgery to lessen the size of her breasts.

Ariel Winter was wearing an F-cup bra at the age of 15. It’s no surprise she couldn’t stand the continual back discomfort. She had no intention of living with back agony for the rest of her life because of her breasts. So she underwent plastic surgery to reduce the size of her breasts. It wasn’t just the anguish, but also how she felt about her body. She was self-conscious about her abnormally huge breasts.

Ariel Winter

When she went to a swimsuit store with her cousin, she was unable to find a bathing suit that fit her and felt quite self-conscious. She was dissatisfied with her physique since she couldn’t go to a party with her friends and wear the same thing as them because she was afraid that if she wasn’t entirely covered up, she would appear in a way she didn’t want to appear. So she eventually decided to have plastic surgery to reduce the size of her breasts in order to be more comfortable.

Nobody in Ariel Winter’s family was surprised by her decision to have her breasts reduced because they were aware of how much discomfort her enormous breasts caused her. She had plastic surgery to get rid of the constant back pain that plagued her, and although it was never her fault in the first place, people’s impressions of her changed as a result. She felt fantastic after the treatment and had no regrets about jumping from a 32F to a 34D.

I purchased it for myself. I can’t even describe how wonderful it is to be completely at ease. This is how I was meant to be.

Ariel Winter Has Refused to Have Any More Plastic Surgery!

Ariel Winter has been open about her breast reduction surgery, but what about the other types of plastic surgery? Many people believe she has had lip fillers, a nose job, and breast reduction surgery, although she has always denied having any facial surgery. She is irritated when people speculate that she has had cosmetic work done on her face, and she frequently refutes such charges. When a follower commented on an Instagram photo she posted, asking how many surgeries she had had on her body and face aside from breast reductions, cheekbone and chin shaving, and lip fillers, she replied that she had not had plastic surgery on her face and that she appeared to have “changed looks” due to her weight loss.

I wasn’t going to respond, but I had to ask… What the f— is chin and cheekbone shaving???? By the way, you’re also wrong on everything. I lost weight after one breast reduction, but you do you, boo.

Ariel Winter

But not everyone believes Ariel Winter’s claim that she looks different because of weight loss rather than plastic surgery. Many people believe she has undergone a slight nose operation. They believe she kept the general form of her nasal tip but reduced its prominence in comparison to other facial features. They also believe she has lip fillers. Her “keyhole pout” when her upper lips began to protrude abnormally and the obliteration of Cupid’s bow is apparently such a “tell.” They don’t appear as prominent now, but they were so evident that she injected her lips at some time.

Aside from a nose job and lip fillers, she is also thought to have gotten Botox or a brow lift due to her extra-arched brows. Some of her followers believe she has Botox in her jaw or has undergone submental liposuction (which shapes the jawline by removing extra fat). But don’t tell her or imply in the comments section of her Instagram page that she has had plastic surgery because she doesn’t like it. Furthermore, because it’s none of our concern and Ariel Winter has always stated that she hasn’t had plastic surgery, it’s evident that she doesn’t want to publicize any treatments, even if she has. She has always said, in reaction to comments concerning cosmetic surgery,

I did not undergo plastic surgery.

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