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Kate Ritchie’s Weight Loss: She’s Looking Slimmer Now!

People have recently taken notice of Kate Ritchie’s looks, as she appears to have lost weight. While she hasn’t acknowledged it explicitly, we feel her diet is the primary cause of her metamorphosis.

Katherine Leigh Ritchie is an Australian actress, radio host, and novelist best known for her long-running role as Sally Fletcher on the television serial opera Home and Away, for which she received two Gold Logie Awards. She played the character for 20 years, from the pilot episode in 1988 through the final episode in 2008. In addition, she currently co-hosts Nova 96.9’s Fitzy and Wippa with Kate Ritchie, Ryan Fitzgerald, and Michael ‘Wippa’ Wipfli.

Kate Ritchie previously flaunted her trimmer body while walking through a Sydney park. At the time, the former Home and Away star appeared slimmer in an all-black ensemble that included thin trousers, a jumper, and a matching fedora hat. So, if you’re interested in learning more about her weight reduction journey and the reasons behind her change, we’re here to help.

Kate Ritchie has revealed that she maintains her weight loss body primarily with a healthy diet and regular exercise!

Kate Ritchie (@kateritchieofficial) has recently been in the news owing to her post-weight-loss appearance. In comparison to her before and after photos, the former Home And Away actress appears considerably leaner and thinner. Her slender body was previously linked to her love of Pilates and a healthy lifestyle.

At the time, the TV personality highlighted her change, noting that she had grown more conscious of her eating habits in recent years. Later, the mother-of-one confessed in an interview with lifestyle and beauty website Beauticate that she has had to change her diet throughout the years. She said,

I’m not one of those girls who can devour a chocolate bar without noticing… I have to be mindful of what I feed my body, but I’ve always been that way.

Kate Ritchie
Kate Ritchie old Photo Before Weight Loss

Kate Ritchie also stated that her well-balanced diet mostly consists of meat and fish and that she spends a significant amount of time at home cooking. ‘I practice a lot of Pilates, and I think that’s what’s led to the most obvious difference in my body,’ she added. I also have a gym membership, but I’m not a frequent gym goer,’ she added, adding that she and her daughter, Mae, go on regular walks around the park. Similarly, Kate Ritchie told Body & Soul in 2011 that she maintains her weight loss physique through a daily exercise routine. The brunette beauty, according to the Daily Mail, stated,

I eat properly during the week and stockpile goodies for the weekend, but I must be mindful of portion sizes. I also work with a personal trainer and on core strength.

Kate Ritchie Was Recently Seen With Her Speculation Boyfriend!

Kate Ritchie was recently sighted out in Sydney’s eastern suburbs with her rumored beau. Photos show the Nova radio DJ lounging in the afternoon sun with Chevy Black, with whom the Australian actress has been associated since March. She was wearing an oversized black smock at the time, whereas Black was dressed down in shorts and an oversized orange sweatshirt. They were seen having coffee before taking a seat on a park bench.

Kate Ritchie

While little is known about Chevy Black, Woman’s Day magazine reported earlier this year that the couple had recently spent time getting to know one other, with the mother-of-one visiting his relatives. Meanwhile, Ritchie is one of Australia’s most well-known faces, having become a household name following two decades of playing Sally Fletcher on the long-running soap opera Home And Away. Kate Ritchie later abandoned acting to pursue a lucrative career in radio, where she is currently heard as the third voice on Nova’s popular Sydney breakfast show Fitzy and Wippa. She has most likely maintained a low-key manner, refusing to confirm or comment on the new affair even when cameras saw her kissing Black on the beach in March. Furthermore, Kate Ritchie’s previous nine-year marriage to former rugby player Stuart Webb ended in 2019. When asked about the rumors surrounding her marriage in 2017, Ritchie stated that she has learned to filter them off. She later revealed to Stellar

It used to worry me, I believe. It’s pointless to get caught up in what other people think is going on in my life.

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