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Lisa Kudrow Plastic Surgery: Is She Naturally Aging?

Lisa Kudrow has mainly avoided plastic surgery, with the exception of a “life-altering nose job” she had as a teenager. While some believe the Friends star had fillers at one point due to the plumpness in her cheeks, there are several symptoms of aging on her face and neck. Furthermore, Lisa Kudrow has stated that she is not sure that plastic surgery would improve her appearance.

Lisa Kudrow embodied one of the most beloved characters in the history of television. She shot to popularity after starring in Friends (the most-watched television show of all time) as the legendary, eccentric yet endearing Phoebe Buffay. Since then, she has remained one of television’s most popular personalities and has become a household name.

People are still interested in her and what she does. And, as she’s gotten older, the one thing people want to know about her is whether or not she’s had plastic surgery. Fans want to know how she’s aging and how she’s dealing with it. Everything you need to know about Lisa Kudrow’s plastic surgery is right here!

Lisa Kudrow’s Plastic Surgery: Everything You Need to Know About Her Life-Changing Nose Job!

Fans of Lisa Kudrow (@lisakudrow) question if she has undergone plastic surgery to help eliminate the effects of age. There were rumors that she used fillers. But she has always stated that she is frightened of Botox and fillers and has only had a nose operation as a teenager. Speaking of Friends, one thing we can say about the eccentric Phoebe Buffay is that she would never have plastic surgery since she is a nature’s girl. (At least, she’d make us believe that because she’d be so arrogant about cosmetic surgery.) But does Lisa Kudrow, the actress who played the legendary Phoebe, share this sentiment? I don’t think so, because have you heard that she had a rhinoplasty when she was younger?

Lisa Kudrow

In a 2013 interview with The Saturday Evening Post, the actress disclosed that she underwent a “life-altering” nose operation at the age of 16 and described it as a positive transformation. She thought that her appearance had improved as a result of the plastic surgery. Lisa Kudrow told the publication,

In my view, I went from awful to not hideous. I did it during the summer before starting a new high school. So there were lots of folks who had no idea how terrible I was before. That was a fantastic improvement.

The Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion actress would not have had plastic surgery if she hadn’t been tormented, vilified, and dumped by her two “best friends.” She was hurt when they indicated they didn’t want to be friends with her anymore and were tired of her following them around. Her self-esteem was so damaged by her pals that her 20-year-old sister had to pick her up from school and drive her to lunch because she had “no one to eat with.”

Lisa Kudrow was really insecure at the time. So, when she transferred schools, she decided to have plastic surgery to alter her nose in order to have a fresh start and feel good about her appearance in order to enhance her physical confidence. Prior to then, she had been self-conscious about her nose. So she had her nose reshaped to be smaller at the bridge and alar base, as well as somewhat raised at the tip.

The plastic surgery absolutely suited her because it matched the natural proportions of her face. She had a visible hump on her nose before the nose job, which made her nose stand out. Her face appeared more attractive after the rhinoplasty. We can tell why her physical confidence rose after that and why she thought it was a positive, positive improvement.

Lisa Kudrow

Lisa Kudrow Doesn’t Think Plastic Surgery Would Improve Her Appearance!

Lisa Kudrow had one plastic surgery for aesthetic purposes when she was younger, and that was a nose job. Her followers want to know if she had cosmetic operations when she was older to aid her with aging, such as removing symptoms of aging and maintaining a younger appearance. Because of the plumpness in her cheeks, some people believe she underwent non-surgical dermal filler therapy at some point.

But they’re reconsidering that one because Lisa’s neck and face have begun displaying small symptoms of age recently. She appears to have aged gracefully without the use of any plastic surgery operations. Kudrow  has expressed similar things. She admitted to being frightened of cosmetic surgeries and injectables in a 2014 interview with Glamour.

I’m too scared to get Botox, fillers, or plastic surgery. anything doesn’t mean I’ll never do anything, but it all worries me too much. Everyone is gorgeous when they are smiling, in my opinion. So I try to be cheerful. Take in the good stuff.

The next year, Kudrow reaffirmed her anti-plastic surgery position. In an interview with The Guardian, she stated that she did not believe she would look better, but rather transformed, and that she would be unable to express herself if she underwent cosmetic treatments.

I’m not sure I’d look much better. I’m worried I’d only appear transformed. It will be more difficult for me to express myself if I freeze this [my forehead].

Lisa Kudrow is unlikely to undergo plastic surgery to get a younger appearance. She is lot more self-assured in her appearance than she was in her adolescence. She’s also an actress, and she doesn’t want to appear frozen.

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