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Who Is Rebecca Soteros? All About Paul Walker’s Girlfriend

Rebecca Soteros is an alleged elementary school teacher who mostly works in Hawaii. She is most known as the ex-girlfriend of Paul Walker, the late Fast and Furious star. Soteros and Paul, who unfortunately perished in a vehicle accident in November 2013, had been together for a few years in the late ’90s, during which time they had also become parents to a daughter. Rebecca, on the other hand, never had the same level of publisher attention as Paul’s previous companions or even his daughter, Meadow. So far, Soteros has only gotten her name in the papers under a handful or two sets of circumstances. Get around the points describing her selfhood, why she seems to have opted to stay quiet, what she is doing these days, and so wikis. On this page, you will find Rebecca Soteros’s bio, age, and children with Paul Walker.

Rebecca Soteros’s Parents, Siblings, and Education

Rebecca Soteros, Paul Walker’s ex-girlfriend, was born in March 1974 and is also known as Becky Jo or Rebecca McBrain. Her parents are Mark and Julie Ann Soteros. Rebecca grew raised alongside her younger brother, Joshua, who is now 48 years old. She graduated from the Village Christian School in California in 1992. The brunette received her bachelor’s degree in secondary education and afterward became a teacher.

What Does Rebecca Soteros Do and Where Does She Now Live?

Because of Rebecca’s always-off-the-record existence, journals only have a sliver of an explanation of what Walker’s former companion has been up to all these years. However, old logs and bits suggest she used to work as a primary school teacher and likely still does. She is also said to live largely in Honolulu, Hawaii, on Kalakaua Ave.

Rebecca Soteros

Rebecca’s Relationship With Her Late Boyfriend Paul Walker

Paul, the Brick Mansions actor, and Rebecca had a brief romance. They met many years before the former rose to popularity in The Fast And The Furious in 2001. After meeting in California in early 1998, Soteros and Paul began their romance while the Glendale native was still somewhat obscure. It is unknown what led the pair to divorce or when their romance ended, but they never married. Some believe they split up in late 1999 as a result of Paul and Rebecca’s years of arguing over the latter’s drinking issues. Some argue that Walker declined to marry Rebecca at the time because he did not believe he was mature enough.

It was then revealed that he felt horrible about it. In December 2013, the Joy Ride himself acknowledged not being a material enough spouse to marry Rebecca and even admitted to being unfaithful to her. ‘I knew where I was with girls and having a good time. For crying out loud, I was sleeping with her (Rebecca’s) buddies. Do you understand what I mean? I was an animal, therefore I wanted to be there, and my heart wanted to be there, but my head wasn’t.

remarked the late Californian while speaking with WENN. Paul allegedly began dating Jasmine Gosnell after their breakup. According to reports, Paul and Gosnell began dating when she was just 16 years old.

Meadow Walker, the daughter of Soteros and Walker

Paul and Rebecca Soteros, on the other hand, had a daughter, Meadow Rain Walker, on November 4, 1998. They had her less than a year after they began dating. Meadow lived in Hawaii with her mother until she was a pre-teen. Meadow, Rebecca, and Paul’s only child moved back to California to live with her father in 2011. Rebecca would also go to California, but by then, her ex-boyfriend had perished in a vehicle accident.

Rebecca Soteros

Meadow, the daughter of her and The Takers star is currently a rising model who is married to Excoriated actor Louis Thornton-Allan. Even though Paul’s ex-partner keeps a low profile and avoids the spotlight, she remains close to Meadow. Meadow was 15 years old when her father, Paul, was killed in a vehicle accident. She, on the other hand, had been living with Paul for three years after abandoning her home in Hawaii, where her mother, Rebecca, had reared her.

Rebecca received nothing from Paul Walker; the late actor left his whole estate to his daughter.

Rebecca is unlikely to have received any money from her former boyfriend since the late actor, Paul Walker, designated his only kid, Meadow, as the only beneficiary of his entire inheritance in his will. Not to add, Soteros had a lengthy history with the Eight Below actor until his death in November 2013. Meadow, according to accounts, received Paul’s whole money. It was initially estimated to be worth $25 million, but according to TMZ, it was worth $16 million.

Paul Walker’s Mother Fought For Meadow’s Custody Against Rebecca Soteros

Rebecca and Paul’s mother, Cheryl, had a falling out in the past about who should manage the late actor’s money and his daughter, Rebecca. This occurred sometime after Paul’s death in the summer of 2014. According to the print issue of the Star magazine on January 6th, 2014, Paul’s parents argued at the time that they should be in control of both since they knew how their son would want them to go. A source told E! in 2014 that Meadow and Soteros had not expected Cheryl to go to court. According to the source, although there had been conversations, no one informed [Meadow and Soteros] that they were going forward with it. Rebecca and her daughter first learned about it from TMZ. They both considered Cheryl’s request for guardianship repulsive at first.

While requesting Meadow’s guardianship, Paul’s mother used Soteros’ two DUIs as justification. Rebecca, on the other hand, believes she should be able to influence how her daughter’s father’s assets are distributed. According to a source, Rebecca was also prepared to never allow anybody else to care for her kid. Soteros and her daughter, Meadow, were living in California at the time on a property bought by Walker for them. Because Rebecca never married Walker, Paul’s parents have always held an edge over their actor son’s inheritance. In addition, Paul had specified in his will that his mother would be Meadow’s guardian. As a result, Cheryl’s court file wasbyh his intentions. They also said that Rebecca should not be Meadow’s legal guardian at the time.

Rebecca Soteros

Cheryl petitioned the court for Meadow Rain Walker’s guardianship when she was 15 years old. Paul Walker’s mother supposedly said that the mother of his teenage daughter, Meadow, had a drinking problem at the time. Meadow had relocated to California at the time to be closer to her father, Paul. Cheryl finally agreed to dismiss her complaint provided Soteros completed a rehabilitation program, according to TMZ. Rebecca, Paul’s previous spouse, consented, and Meadow eventually moved in with her mother.

Rebecca’s Two DUI Cases

Rebecca, Paul’s previous girlfriend, was arrested twice for driving under the influence (DUI) in 2003 and 2013. Following his arrest on Oct. 18, 2003, in Newport Beach, California, Soteros pled guilty to driving under the influence. She was then sentenced to three years of probation. According to public records, Soteros’ DUI occurred in Hawaii in 2013. Fortunately, no kids were involved in any of the incidents.

Is Rebecca Soteros on Facebook?

Meadow Soteros, Soteros’ daughter, sometimes posts on Instagram. Rebecca, on the whole, has avoided the center of attention as well as social media. In reality, Soteros has been a nobody since the custody struggle in 2014. Although there are some photographs of her on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and others, it is unclear if she is in play on such hangouts. Interestingly, Meadow does not appear to bother mentioning her mother, Rebecca. This oontrasts with the times when she never fails to recall her late actor father.

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