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Sarah Ziolkowska: Woman Whose Marriage Ended in Divorce Because of Her Husband’s Popularity

Marriage is a union founded on mutual love, trust, and support. However, when one partner’s job takes off, even the strongest of relationships may suffer. This was the situation with Sarah Ziolkowska, a lady who had been married to her husband for four years before his acting career took off. As his celebrity and success rose, his profession started to interfere with their marriage, producing friction and challenges that neither of them could have expected. As a result, this work delves into Sarah Ziolkowska’s life and marriage connection.

Sarah Ziolkowska’s bio

Sarah Ziolkowska was born in Toronto, Canada on May 12, 1983. She is a well-known librarian in Canada. In her hometown, the librarian finished high school. She enrolled at the University of Toronto in 2002 and graduated in 2007 with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Psychology. She then attended graduate school at Dalhousie University, where she received a Master’s degree in library and information science in 2009. She spent most of her youth in Toronto before coming to the United States. She rose to prominence after her marriage to Nathan Fielder, a Canadian actor.

Summary Of Sarah Ziolkowska

Sarah Ziolkowska’s Bio
– Born: May 12, 1983, in Toronto, Canada.
– Profession: Librarian.
– Education: Bachelor of Applied Science in Psychology from the University of Toronto (2007), Master’s degree in library and information science from Dalhousie University (2009).
– Career: Teaching assistant, librarian, reading specialist, assistant professor at Dalhousie University, and youth librarian at Halifax North Memorial Public Library.
– Focus: Promoting digital literacy among young people.
– Net Worth: Approximately $400,000 (as per sources).


Sarah Ziolkowska’s Family
– Ex-Husband: Nathan Fielder, a Canadian comedian, writer, producer, and director.
– Marriage: Married Nathan Fielder in 2011, divorced in 2015.
– Reason for Divorce: Fielder’s rising career and increasing workload created strain on the relationship.


Nathan Fielder
– Born: May 12, 1983, in Vancouver, Canada.
– Education: Commerce degree from the University of British Columbia.
– Career Highlights: Created and starred in “Nathan for You,” worked on various comedy series, and produced and directed productions.
– Awards: Writers Guild of America Award, Peabody Award.
– Relationship: Currently dating a lady known as Maci since 2017.


Marriage and Divorce
– Married in 2011, divorced in 2015.
– Fielder’s career success post-marriage led to increased work demands.
– Reported challenges in the relationship due to Fielder’s behavior changes.
– Divorce finalized on April 16, 2015, at the Stanley Mosk Courthouse in Los Angeles, California.


Sarah Ziolkowska’s Age
– Sarah Ziolkowska was born on May 12, 1983.
– In 2023, she is 40 years old.

Sarah Ziolkowska’s Professional Life

Ziolkowska opted to work in education, particularly in libraries and schools, and to promote digital literacy among young people. Ziolkowska began her professional career as a teacher. In 2009, she interned at the W.K. Kellogg Health Sciences Library. Her major emphasis as an intern at the time was creating information literacy webcasts, as well as supporting students with research projects and other academic responsibilities.

She started working as a teaching assistant at Dalhousie University after getting her master’s degree, and she spent the next two years of her life teaching and doing research. She then served as a librarian and reading specialist at the Park Century School in Culver City, California. She also works as an assistant professor at Dalhousie University and as a youth librarian at Halifax North Memorial Public Library on the side. Ziolkowska is dedicated to promoting digital literacy and aiding the next generation of learners.

Sarah Ziolkowska’s Net Worth

According to sources, Ziolkowska’s net worth is approximately $400,000 dollars.

Sarah Ziolkowska and her family

In terms of her direct family, Ziolkowska is Nathan Fielder’s ex-wife.

All About Nathan Fielder

Nathan Fielder is a comedian, writer, producer, and director from Canada. He was born in Vancouver, Canada, on May 12, 1983. Fielder earned a commerce degree from the University of British Columbia. He relocated to Toronto after graduating and worked as an accountant for a few years. He soon realized, however, that he wanted to pursue a career in comedy, so he relocated to Los Angeles.

Fielder produced and performed in “Nathan for You,” a Comedy Central sitcom that became a financial hit in 2013. Fielder used his business skills to aid struggling small enterprises, sometimes with unexpected and funny outcomes. The program aired its last episode in November 2017 after four seasons. Fielder has been on various comedy series such as “The Kroll Show,” “Bob’s Burgers,” and “The Simpsons.” He has also produced and directed a number of productions, including the documentary “Finding Frances” and the comedy “Who Is America?”

Fielder’s work has earned him multiple honors, including a Writers Guild of America Award and a Peabody Award. He is well-known for his deadpan style and ability to stage difficult situations for comedic effect.

Sarah Ziolkowska and Nathan Fielder

Sarah Ziolkowska and Nathan Fielder married in 2011 then divorced four years later. After his marriage, Fielder’s career took an unexpected turn, pushing him to worldwide recognition. Fielder’s unexpected notoriety, which followed his co-creation and stardom in the comedic reality program “Nathan for You,” was too much for the couple’s relationship to endure.

Fielder’s workload increased as his career advanced, necessitating more time spent at work. Ziolkowska claims that her spouse started behaving aggressively and egotistically, which she found difficult to endure. Despite their best attempts, the couple was unable to resolve their issues, which led to their divorce. Fielder and Ziolkowska divorced in 2014, and the divorce was finalized on April 16, 2015, at the Stanley Mosk Courthouse in Los Angeles, California. Fielder originally stayed quiet about the divorce, but in an interview with AV Club in 2015, he broke his silence. The divorce surprised the comic, who likened the post-divorce period to a cancer treatment, characterizing it as “overwhelming.” Fielder, on the other hand, has found love again, as he has been seeing a lady known only as Maci since 2017. In terms of Ziolkowska, it is unclear if she is currently in a relationship.

Sarah Ziolkowska Age: How Old Is She?

Sarah Ziolkowska (born May 12, 1983) is a Polish actress. She is 40 years old now in 2023.

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