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Holly Valance Weight Gain: People Make Fun of Her Fatness!

Holly Valance has prompted weight gain rumors yet again following her previous public appearance. Fans couldn’t get over how obese the actress appeared, and many expressed their sadness that she had overindulged yet again. Others defended her, saying she should look whichever she wanted as long as she was pleased. Meanwhile, Holly Valance appears unconcerned with her weight gain.

Holly Valance is best known for her role as Felicity Scully in the Australian serial drama Neighbours. She is also well-known for her role as Nika Volek in Prison Break. DOA: Dead or Alive, Pledge This!, Taken, Big Mamma’s Boy, and Red Herring are among her film credits. She used to sing in addition to acting. Kiss Kiss, Down Boy, and Naughty Girl were all top ten songs from her debut album Footprints. She used to be a model as well.

Because of her weight increase, she has recently become the target of internet bullying. She allegedly gained weight, and many people make fun of her appearance. Let’s talk about Holly Valance’s weight gain!

Holly Valance’s Weight Gain: She Was Accused of Being Fat!

Holly Valance Weight

Holly Valance appears to have gained some weight, and many individuals on social media have expressed their unhappiness with her weight gain.

So, the actress was recently seen out and about in London with her husband, Nick Candy. On that public appearance, she presented a new, yet familiar look and wore a hairdo that many recognized as a throwback to her days in pop music. Her golden hair was styled loosely with a fringe. She’d resurrected her 2000s-era fringe for the occasion and donned a fresh appearance. With the exception of the fringe, this new style reminded them of how much she had changed since the 2000s.

During the outing, Holly Valance appeared to be really joyful and glowing, but all everyone could say was, ‘Man, she looks fat.’ She certainly appeared and was larger than she was in the 2000s. But her weight gain should not come as a surprise to anyone because how can anyone expect to look the same as they did two decades ago? They are unable to do so. Aside from that, she has experienced her fair share of weight changes.

She had “let herself go” since the early 2010s and received a lot of unfair criticism for it. Her weight gain had made news, and tabloids had made snide remarks about her attractiveness. It was all because she was photographed at a dinner looking fat and with her double chin apparent. Her clothing, a baggy pullover with horizontal stripes and extremely fitting white pants, didn’t help matters.

Opinions on Holly Valance’s Weight Gain!

Holly Valance Weight Gain

It was that photo of Holly Valance that the tabloids used against her to trash her for ‘daring to acquire weight,’ and for which everyone began dragging her. While many individuals began to deliberately criticize her for her inability to manage herself, many others rallied to her rescue, accusing the tabloids of creating an issue where none existed and exaggerating her minor weight gain.

They claimed that the Neighbours star did not appear to be a giant, but rather a regular mid-twenties woman whose lifestyle and metabolism had finally caught up with them. She wasn’t as slender as she used to be, but she couldn’t be called overweight because she was only carrying a little additional weight. She was not obese, as the media coverage of her weight gain suggested.

Some admirers also suggested that people be gentler to Holly Valance about her weight gain because she has been honest about how easily she puts on a few pounds and how she prefers fine food, nice wine, and a wonderful life versus eating lettuce and being miserable. (It takes a lot of effort for her to keep slender, and she would rather be overweight than bothered about it.)

Besides, the former model did not genuinely gain that much weight. It was simply an unpleasant photograph of her that made her appear larger than she was. Just one shady angle that revealed her ‘double chin,’ and people began crucifying her.

We don’t know if all of those complaints reached Holly Valance, but we do know that she lost the weight in time for her wedding in late 2012. She hasn’t gained any weight, and she’s back to eating excellent food, drinking nice wine, and living stress-free. She appears to be content with her life and the way she looks.

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