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Taylor Schabusines Boyfriend: Who Exactly Was Her Boyfriend?

Taylor Schabusiness, 25, was sentenced to death for her horrific actions in a dramatic event that shook the state of Wisconsin. She was convicted and sentenced to life in prison without the chance of release for the horrific murder and dismemberment of her boyfriend, Shad Thyrion, 24, in Wisconsin. Many people are still in shock over this recent incident, which has prompted them to wonder, “Who was her boyfriend, and what led to such a tragic fate?”

Schabusiness got her conviction on September 26, 2023, after a trial that probed deeply into her connections and the terrible events of Thyrion’s death. The unnerving nature of the crime, mixed with the timing of events, creates a picture of a scenario that seems almost too horrible to be real.

The Specifics of the Murder

The murder, which occurred in February 2022, was carried out in a heinous manner. During an intimate moment, Schabusiness allegedly strangled Thyrion with a chain. The horror did not end there, as she subsequently mutilated his corpse and scattered the pieces in various areas.

The Pleading and Trial

Taylor Schabusiness maintained her innocence throughout the trial, pleading not guilty. In an unexpected twist, she also pled not guilty due to a mental disorder or defect. However, the jury eventually determined that she was mentally competent at the time of the murder.

Unsettling Discoveries

During the trial, the jury heard disturbing revelations given by Schabusiness herself. She detailed how she dismembered her lover after the murder. These statements sent shivers up and down the courtroom.

Sentence Pronunciation

Schabusiness was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of release on September 26, 2023, by a Brown County court. This followed her conviction for the heinous murder and dismemberment of Thyrion.

Public Outrage

The case garnered tremendous attention from the media and the general public owing to its exceptionally horrific character. The heinous circumstances, paired with the accused’s and victim’s ages, caused considerable shock and astonishment.

Taylor’s Condition During the Verdict

According to reports, Schabusiness was seen wearing a spit hood during her sentence, a clear indicator of the heightened emotions and hostile environment in the courtroom.


With the trial over and Schabusiness sentenced to life in prison, many people are left wondering about the underlying causes. What motivates people to commit such horrible atrocities, and how can society prevent such catastrophes from happening again?

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