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Sachzna Laparan’s Relationship Status in 2023: Is She Still with Jerome Ponce?

Sachzna Laparan’s boyfriend: Is she still in a relationship with Jerome Ponce? Take a few minutes to read on to find out who the YouTuber is dating in 2023. Sachzna Laparan, who is originally from the Philippines, has established herself as a renowned model with a strong presence in the modeling world. Her involvement with Frontrow International, a well-known direct marketing MLM business in the booming South Triangle, strengthened her position even more.

In addition to modeling, she serves as a brand ambassador for Jack’s Joint, a popular restaurant. Her influence, however, extends beyond her professional relationships. Sachzna Laparan has also had a significant effect on the entertainment industry. Her appearances in various music videos, some of which have received over 10 million YouTube views. Sachzna’s singing and dance skills have been highlighted by expanding her capabilities, showcasing her as a dynamic artist.

Is Sachzna Laparan Still Dating Jerome Ponce in 2023?

The love lives of celebrities are often discussed. Some celebrities are upfront about their relationships, while others choose to keep their personal lives secret. Many internet users are wondering whether actor Jerome Ponce and his girlfriend, vlogger/actress/model Sachzna Laparan, are still together. Rumors of a connection between Sachzna and Jerome began in May 2021, when Jerome tweeted a touching birthday greeting for Sachzna’s 23rd birthday.

People have speculated about Sachzna and Jerome’s relationship status after they unfollowed each other on Instagram and stopped exchanging images. This concern arose after Sachzna’s recent YouTube video, in which she publicly discussed her horrific experiences. On Wednesday, April 5, 2023, Sachzna posted a vlog named “Docuweek,” in which she described the happenings of her week at a difficult moment. Sachzna is observed in a poorly lit room, apparently disturbed, talking to her mother about her sentiments in the video. She conveys her anguish and bewilderment, asking herself as to what went wrong.

Sachzna Laparan

There is now speculation over Sachzna Laparan’s Boyfriend 2023. However, it seems that the YouTuber is now single and has opted to keep her marital status private. There is no public information accessible on her present dating status, implying that she keeps her personal life private. Despite her fans’ eagerness, Sachzna has yet to reveal any news or updates on her love adventures, keeping her relationship status out in the air.

Sachzna Laparan Family

Sachzna Laparan came from a Buddhist household, which influenced her upbringing tremendously. Her parents, Jacob Policarpio and Christine Laparan Policarpio are significant figures in her life, shaping her identity and experiences. Jacob Policarpio, her father, is a gifted guitarist who infuses musical creativity into their family relationship.

Sachzna Laparan

Her mother, Christine Laparan Policarpio, on the other hand, takes on the role of a housewife, nourishing the family. Sachzna is not alone within this familial structure. Ryannah Julia Policarpio, her younger sister, completes their family unit. Sachzna’s development and view on life have been greatly influenced by the shared experiences and bonds among family members. This family relationship can be seen in Sachzna’s YouTube vlogs, where she recounts memories with her loved ones. Her real love and connection in these films give insight into her family’s deep relationships, providing a look into the wonderful dynamics that have defined her path.

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