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Why Isn’t Eugene Cordero On Tacoma Fd?

Eugene Cordero has left Tacoma FD after being given a series regular role in the Disney+ series Loki. He will no longer be a member of the Tacoma Fire Department. Cordero, a Filipino-American actor and comedian, recently appeared in the comedic feature film Easter Sunday with Jo Koy, Eva Noblezada, and others. Aside from that, Eugene was a series regular on Tacoma FD, an American situation comedy series set in a Tacoma, Washington firehouse.

The series debuted for the first time on TruTV on March 28, 2019. The sitcom is inspired in some ways by Heffernan’s cousin brother Bill, a real-life fireman located in New Haven, Connecticut, who also serves as a technical adviser on the show. The show follows a gang of obnoxious firemen in one of North America’s rainiest cities. When there aren’t many fires to extinguish in such a location, the gang is always ready to combat them. The show was renewed for a fourth season in November 2021, and it debuted on July 20, 2023.

Why Did Eugene Cordero Leave “Tacoma FD”?

Eugene Cordero quit the Tacoma Fire Department because he was offered a larger role in Loki Season 2. On the Disney+ series, he was promoted to series regular. In the season 3 finale in 2021, the Filipino-American actor revealed his departure from the program. Chris Avila, who emerges as a new fireman Mickleberry, takes his position. Eugene Cordero is not returning to Tacoma FD to pursue other opportunities. Although the show’s makers remained mute on the cause of Cordero’s departure, it was revealed that the two parties had reached an agreement.

Eugene will return in Loki season 2 according to an interview with Screen Rant. He had a very minor part in the first season of Loki. Cordero watched as Casey, a receptionist at the Time Variance Authority, helped Loki realize the immateriality of Infinity Stones. His persona arose from his genuine ignorance of what a fish is and how he uses his infinity stones as paperweights. In the season one ending credits, he was identified as Hunter K-5E rather than Casey.

Eugene Cordero

What will be interesting to watch in Loki season 2 is if Eugene plays either one version of Casey or both Casey and Hunter K-5E. The Season 1 finale included a slightly different version of the TVA in which the characters’ roles were switched. As a consequence, Cordero may as well portray a distinct character in addition to his TVA receptionist persona. He does, however, have a promising future given his popularity. He had a significant influence on the Tacoma FD show, as well as numerous TV series and films.

Among his major achievements are his roles as villager Stokez in The Mandalorian, The Good Place, The High Note, the SXSW film Golden Arm, and The Mule. He also appears in Legendary Pictures’ Kong: Skull Island, starring Tom Hiddleston and Samuel Jackson, as well as Other Space, Ghostbusters, and a number of other films. He is married to Tricia and has two kids, Quincy and Alice.

What Happened To Andy on Tacoma FD?

Andy Myawani left the fire service to pursue his passion for becoming a chef. Andy made the decision at the season 3 finale. The unexpected revelation caused emotional turmoil among the individuals who were close to Andy. Fans were disappointed to see their favorite character missing from the teaser for the season four opener. They voiced their alarm on Twitter. This has cast doubt on his future involvement in the program. Eugene Cordero debuted as Andy Myawani on the program in 2018.

Andy, a Tacoma Fire Department firefighter, was one of the show’s main characters. The character has appeared in 36 episodes since the show’s inception, which is the second most. The amusing figure may be seen sporting a Blue Tacoma FD shirt with dark blue jeans and thin black hair. Eugene’s outstanding portrayal of Myawani has helped her become a beloved figure among admirers. As a consequence of Andy’s departure and Eugene’s departure from Tacoma FD, the program seems to be lacking in humor. Tacoma FD Andy’s absence was established at the season 3 finale when Station 24 caught fire. Captain Eddie Penisi’s ambition to become Station Chief seems dubious. The firefighters lost their goods during the fire. Granny misplaced treatment mannequins, Ike’s mattress, and Andy’s grandfather’s ashes.

Eugene Cordero

Andy, Ike, Eddie, and Lucy were all there when the Station caught fire. There has been no formal indication that Andy will return in season 4. However, fans and Instagram posts indicate that he may arrive as a guest. According to Screen Rant, Eugene, who plays Andy, said that season 4 would be more thrilling and enjoyable, and he discussed season 4 filming.

Tacoma Fire Department Season 4 Cast

Kevin Heffernan as Chief Terry McConky, Steve Lemme as Captain Eddie Penisi, and other prominent characters from previous seasons make up the Tacoma FD Season 4 cast. Season 4 reintroduces the same crew of firemen. Marcus Henderson plays Granfield Smith, Hassie Harrison plays Lucy McConky, and Gabriel Hogan plays fireman Ike Crystal. Season four, which debuted on July 20, will also include famous guest stars. Tony Danza will reportedly portray a guardian angel, while David Arquette will play Captain Penisi’s opponent, Teddy Dickosi.

Dexter Loomis, MC Gainey, Timothy Murphy, and Amin Joseph will also feature as identical twins in Season 4. The season 4 trailer is now available on YouTube.

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