The Sistas

How Much Money Does The Sistas Cast Make?

The Sistas cast earns up to $70,000 a year from the show. They get paid an average of $136 a day for their work on Tyler Perry’s show. Sistas is a comedy-drama television series that follows the lives of four accomplished single black women who have reached maturity. All of the females are in their 30s and are linked by their single status.

We get to see the different ups and downs of a hectic life linked with an impractical relationship and how they deal with it in this series. KJ Smith plays Andrea ‘Andi’ Barnes, Ebony Obsidian plays Karen Mott, Mignon Von plays Daniella ‘Danni’ King, and Novi Brown plays Sabrina Hollins. The One-Hour Program Was Filmed in Atlanta, Georgia.

The sixth season was renewed by BET on April 26, 2023, and it debuted on May 31, 2023. A spin-off follows the Sistas series. Zatima, a spin-off starring Devale Ellis as Zac Taylor and Crystal Lewis as Crystal Renee Hayslett’s portrayal of Fatima Wilson aired on BET+ on September 22, 2022.

The Sistas

How Much Does Sistsa’s Cast Earn?

Sistas’ cast members earn between $39,000 and $70,000 a year. The typical annual base salary ranges from $36,000 to $65,000. The main cast, which includes Sistas, KJ Smith, Mignon, Ebony, and Novi, is paid more than the actors that portray their love interests, such as Brian, Anthony, Ellis, and the supporting cast.

Every week, a new episode airs, which means the cast gets paid weekly based on their involvement in the episode. Tyler Perry Sistas cast members get paid based on the number of episodes they appear in and their participation. Smith, Mignon, and Obsidian have participated in 122 episodes since the show’s debut in 2019 and will continue to do so until 2023. Likewise, Ellis has featured in 121 episodes, Brown in 120, Chido in 110, Brian in 105, Anthony in 105, and so on.

According to Colorline, BET prefers to keep out of public disputes regarding compensation and other issues. Salary disparities among the co-cast are nothing new. However, BET’s The Game has openly stated that the main actress, Tia Mowry, gets paid $25,000 less than a supporting cast member. Because of the show’s success and the number of prolonged seasons, the cast remuneration may have grown by a specific proportion.

The Sistas

As the season progresses, the cast negotiates their contract conditions. Zatima is a Sistas spin-off that features two characters from the series, Zac and Fatima. Crystal Hayslett has a net worth of $2.5 million. Tyler Perry developed the drama, and the cast gets paid $681 each week via the same company. Furthermore, while the program is in its second season, the performers have not made as much money as the Sistas ensemble.

How Much Do Tyler Perry’s Actors Get Paid?

Tyler Perry pays his actors $44,783 per year. They get paid $17.02 per hour on average. According to Glass Door, the average annual salary for an actor at Tyley Perry Studios is $51,371. The annual salary is anticipated to be roughly $48,118. An extra $3,254 is paid every year, which is often a mix of commission, profit-sharing, stock, and bonus. Emmitt Perry Jr., better known as Tyler Perry, is an American actor, producer, director, and screenwriter. He was named the highest-paid guy in entertainment by Forbes magazine in 2011, with $130 million earned between May 2010 and May 2011.

Tyler Perry Productions include Coming 2 America, House of Payne, Zatima, Ruthless, The Oval, and many more. Cassi Davis earns $40,000 every episode in House of Payne and $220,000 in Madea Homecoming as Aunt Bam. David Mann got $200,000 as Leroy Brown in Madea Homecoming, while Tamela J. Mann made $170,000 as Laura.

How much did Tyler Perry pay for BET?

Tyler Perry has not yet purchased BET. Rumor has it that the filmmaker has already won the auction. However, no formal confirmation has been received from Tyler, Paramount, BET, or any other relevant entity. The network is now owned by Paramount Global, who purchased it for $2.7 billion in 2000. Due to financial difficulties, Paramount chose to sell the channel. According to The New York Post, the long-term debt of Paramount Global, which comprises CBS, MTV, Paramount Pictures, and the freshly established Paramount + streaming services, is $15.6 billion.

The channel has expressed its desire to sell it. The corporation seeks ten times the BET Group’s current Ebitda, or profits before taxes, of $325 million. If the purchase goes through, Tyler Perry, one of the interested parties, will be charged $3 billion. Tyler Perry controls a quarter of BET. He’s been with the network since 2017. Aside from Perry, many others have chosen the network. Whoever it is, the network seems to be run by a person of color. If the sale goes through, Perry will control not just the massive BET network, but also the VH1 network. He will be the first person of color to occupy such powerful positions.

Who Is the Richest Caster of The Sistas?

KJ Smith and Ebony Obsidian are the wealthiest Sistas cast members. Anthony Dalton comes after them. The net worth of KJ Smith is reported to be $5 million. Her income is derived from her acting. Ebony Obsidian’s net worth is also reported to be $5 million. Her acting and modeling jobs provide her with a living. Mignon Von Baker has an estimated net worth of $2.5 million. She is an actress and director who prefers to keep her personal life distinct from her professional life. Devale Ellis has a net worth of $3 million dollars. His income is generated from performing, a YouTube channel, a podcast program, social media, and books.

Novi Brown’s net worth ranges between $2 million and $5 million. She, like her co-stars, derives money from her acting career and sometimes from modeling. Chido Nwokocha, is a Nigerian-American actor, with a net worth of around $1.5 million. Kevin A. Walton’s net worth is $400,000. He is a writer, producer, and actor.

Anthony Dalton has a net worth of $4 million. His income comes from his work as a producer, actor, and director. The characters of Zatima Crystal Hayslett’s net worth has risen to $2.3 million. Her revenue is derived from producing, writing, investing, and real estate. She has stakes in companies such as StatusPro and Gold Standard Farms.

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