Christian Wood

Can Christian Wood and Anthony Davis Alter the Course of Lakers Games?

The Los Angeles Lakers have made a significant move by acquiring Christian Wood through a two-year contract, sparking excitement among NBA fans. This strategic decision pairs Wood with superstar Anthony Davis, and it’s worth exploring the potential implications for the Lakers’ team composition.

Statistical Parallels

Player Age Hometown Previous Season Stats Contribution to Team
Christian Wood Almost 27 Near Long Beach 17.9 PPG, 1.9 BPG Substantial on both ends of the court
Anthony Davis Not specified Not specified 23.2 PPG, 2.3 BPG Valuable contribution offensively and defensively

Roles and Expectations

Wood is expected to serve as the primary reserve center behind Davis, logging approximately 20 minutes per game. However, there’s also potential for him to share the floor with Davis, potentially challenging Jaxson Hayes for backup center minutes during the 2023-24 season.


The question of how well Wood and Davis will complement each other is a subject of speculation. Both players have experience as starters and have averaged 20 points per game and 2 blocks per game in the previous season. It’s intriguing to envision the collective impact they can have when playing together on the basketball court.

Contractual Details

Wood’s contract with the Los Angeles Lakers spans two years and is valued at $35 million. This contract reflects the Lakers’ commitment to strengthening their frontcourt depth.

Christian Wood

Wood’s Journey

Christian Wood’s journey from being a free agent, enduring uncertainty in the free agency market for two months, to becoming a member of the esteemed Lakers roster is akin to a remarkable narrative or fairy tale for the athlete.

Promising Partnership

The combination of Wood and Davis has the potential to create a formidable frontcourt partnership in the NBA, significantly enhancing the Lakers’ chances of contending for another championship.

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