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Gracie Bon Is a Plus-Size Model with a Stunning Hourglass Shape

Gracie Bon IGracie Bon is the epitome of ‘ sexy,’ not only large, bold, and stunning. The plus-size model has made a name for herself in the fashion and beauty, adult entertainment, and modeling industries. Fans have been captivated by the way she has organized her different identities for each area. You’ll have to stop and gaze with just one look at Gracie Bon. As a consequence, everyone is curious about Gracie Bon.

Gracie Bon Biography

Gracie Bonilla, more often known as Gracie Bon, is a well-known plus-size Latina model and social media influencer. Bon, who was born in Panama in 1998, has captured many hearts with her sensual images and videos on numerous social media sites, mainly Instagram.

Notably, she has garnered attention as a Fashion Nova Curve brand spokeswoman. Gracie Bon is 5’6″ tall and weighs roughly 95 kg. She has stunning traits that complement her attractiveness, such as brown eyes and blonde hair. Her form is typically characterized as an hourglass shape, with chest measurements of 34 inches, waist measurements of 28 inches, and hip measurements of 35 inches.

While admirers wonder about probable cosmetic improvements, Bon insists that her body is the product of rigorous exercises and a nutritious diet. However, a photo on her Instagram profile of her standing next to a surgeon has sparked speculation that she had surgery. Gracie Bon captioned the photo, saying that she is always in the finest hands when she is with the doctor.

Gracie Bon

The unabashed presentation of Gracie Bon’s curves has elicited both appreciation and condemnation. One incident that drew notice was when she uploaded a photo of herself on Infinity wearing a tight £32 Vital Goddess Active Jumpsuit, leaning against a vehicle and drinking water. Her hourglass body was emphasized by the attire, which also drew attention due to its revealing nature by exposing her camel toe. Gracie Bon, despite receiving nasty remarks from trolls, continues to appreciate and cherish her curves and stays resilient.


Gracie is an Instagram celebrity, model, adult actor, and social media influencer. She advocates for body positivity as a social media influencer and utilizes her platform to communicate an uplifting message of self-acceptance and inclusion.

Her social media presence motivates numerous others to love their bodies, regardless of society’s expectations. Aside from her enticing physical characteristics, one of the main reasons she has millions of followers is her support for and practical demonstration of body acceptance.

Her modeling career, which started when she was 20 years old, was motivated by her passion for fashion and ambition to build a name for herself in the field. She has gained success as a well-known plus-size model via hard work and devotion. She is presently represented by the modeling agency MJ Curve.

She has worked with a number of well-known businesses in the fashion and cosmetics industries. She has modeled for businesses ranging from athletics to cosmetics to bikinis, including Pretty Little Things, Doll Skill, NovaMEN, and Fashion Nova Curve. She owns her own lingerie range, Gracie Bon Exclusive, in addition to working with other companies. Furthermore, as an adult actor, Gracie Bon provides unique and premium material on OnlyFans.

Gracie Bon OnlyFans

Gracie Bon OnlyFans has 113 photos and 63 videos on her verified OnlyFans account. Gracie Bon, unlike many adult actresses who demand a monthly price for membership access, gives a free account with restricted material for admirers who cannot afford to pay. She also has a VIP OnlyFans account for individuals looking for a more intimate and immersive experience. On her OnlyFans account, the pornographic actress teases fans with a plethora of naked and filthy videos.

She keeps her page updated with a steady stream of fresh and fascinating stuff for her fans. Gracie Bon’s passion for video games, dressing up, and cosplay extends beyond her adult actor identity on OnlyFans. OnlyFans members get additional privileges from the adult actress. Monthly savings and lovely goodies await those who choose to re-subscribe.

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Gracie Bon’s Net worth

According to media sources, Gracie Bon has a net worth of $400,000.

Gracie Bon Family

While Gracie Bon rises through the ranks of the adult entertainment business, little is known about her personal life and family.

Gracie Bon

Gracie Bon age

Gracie Bon’s actual birth month and day are unknown. It is known, however, that she was born in 1998. The vehicle will be 25 years old in 2023.


Gracie Bon has a verified Instagram account with the handle @graciebon. She has 3.5 million followers as of the time of writing. It is clear from her writings that Gracie Bon takes pleasure in her figure and feels at ease in her own flesh. Her Instagram is full of sensual postures in bikinis, fashionable dresses, and beautiful lingerie.

Bon stunned her admirers earlier in 2023 by posting a vintage picture on Instagram. The snapshot depicted a completely different version of herself since it documented a time in her life when she weighed 21 stone and had a curvier form. The photo showed the model sporting glasses and braces while dressed casually. Along with this touching memory, the model delivered a poignant message about body acceptance, which resonated with her admirers.

Bon confessed in the post that she used to enjoy her 300-pound physique. However, after suffering knee discomfort and difficulty breathing during vigorous activities, she began on a path of self-care and wanted to reduce weight.

“It all started with loving my 300-pound body,” she stated. Many people still tell me, ‘But if you had enjoyed it, you would have remained like way and not changed.’ The reality is that I loved it so much that I determined to protect it and rescue myself.”

Bon voiced her yearning for more, unwilling to accept the constraints imposed by her size. She refused to accept knee pain or breathing difficulties as usual. She closed her speech by emphasizing the necessity of understanding and compassion for those who face size-related problems. She emphasized that one’s health and value are not determined by their looks.

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